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Recently, I've noticed that my graphics settings keep changing back to a default "optimized" setting at seemingly random times. I have figured out a perfect balance between high enough graphics to make the game great to look at, yet not high enough to cripple my ability to play with immense amounts of lag. It is extremely annoying to minimize the game (I'll get to this issue) and then have the game graphics reset when I go back in. I have to go into the options and set everything back to normal, usually while I'm trying to do something else, like combat or some event with a timer.

The other issue I'm having is the fact that the game cannot decide how to open the game, as fullscreen (my preferred setting) or windowed. I have never used the windowed setting, as it seems to half my resolution, which I already keep at a low 1280x800 to keep lag to a minimum, but every time I minimize the game, it goes into the windowed setting when I pull it back up. This was never a problem before Season 9. I noticed it on the Tribble server, but I thought it was just something that I hadn't changed correctly in the graphics settings. Now it's happening on Holodeck, and it's the most annoying thing in the world because I'm the kind of person who tabs out a lot, putting on podcasts or music to listen to, or pulling up a wiki or forum post to reference for something.

Now, every single time I tab out, using both the Windows key AND the Alt+Tab methods, the game resets the graphics settings and puts me into windowed mode automatically.

This also happens when I start the game from the launcher, and I've even tried it using Arc, with the same result. When I start the game, it will be in windowed mode for some reason, despite me exiting the game in fullscreen mode, and I will only have the top left quarter of the game visible to me when I get to my login screen. Thankfully, this is enough to access options once I log into a character and change it back to fullscreen. The mouse cursor is also about 6 inches away from where the mouse is actually registering in the game, so it's a process of trial and error to even click on options and navigate to the fullscreen option.

So... what the hell? Why is this happening now, when it never happened before? I've always had no problem tabbing out using the Windows key, and then coming back in to the exact same screen, with the exact same graphics, still in fullscreen mode. PLEASE fix this, it is extremely annoying.

Quick Version (Forgive me, I tend to ramble on)

1. Graphics settings are being reset when I tab out of the game, no matter how many times I try and change them back to normal

2. "Fullscreen" setting is being reset automatically to "windowed" setting when I tab out of the game, no matter how many times I change it.

3. The game is starting in "windowed" mode, despite being in fullscreen last time I was online, and the majority of the screen is not visible upon login, until I manage to change the setting back to fullscreen, at which point it becomes normal again.

4. None of these things happened before the introduction of Season 9.

5. My computer is always set to 1920x1080 on the desktop, but I run the game at 1280x800 to reduce lag. I'm not sure if that makes a difference.
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04-28-2014, 09:51 AM
I have the same problem as well

The options that save graphics settings in the launcher do not click them hit save but they dont save

once in game your in windowed mode and you have to reset it to full screen each and every time
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05-10-2014, 11:59 AM
Same problem, getting on my nerves
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Originally Posted by dregatar View Post
Every time I minimize the game by using the toggle buttons at the top right, ALT-TAB, CTRL-ESC or use the Windows key to get to my desktop the game changes to "Windowed Maximized" mode upon clicking back into the game. This is something that has just started occurring and I didn't previously have this issue. I have read a few other threads about where other players are having this same issue.

Please fix this issue as it is extremely irritating to constantly have to manually set the game back to full screen every time I want to go out to my desktop or to look something up in the STO Wiki.

Also the game will not let me set the refresh rate about 60 Hz. My display supports 144 Hz but every time is set it about 60 Hz it revert back to to 60 Hz when I close out the display settings menu and then reopen it.

Originally Posted by dregatar View Post
I have submitted a support ticket both in game (no reply on that ticket) and through Arc Games website (this ticket got a reply). Their reply was just basic troubleshooting steps that didn't resolve the issue. I asked that they escalate this issue to the development team.

All of us experiencing this issue should submit a ticket on the Arc Games website and ask for this issue to be escalated to the development team. Maybe they will actually start listening to the fact that this is a issue and look into providing fix for it.
I am also having the same issue as you described with tabbing out of the game. I created a separate post (quoted above).

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08-17-2014, 03:47 PM
I did a little test and set the config file to read only. It still changed the settings and booted the next time with the settings it defaulted to. It must be saving some or all of them to the server or to an alternate location on my system because it could not have changed the saved settings when they are locked.

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