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Every time I minimize the game by using the toggle buttons at the top right, ALT-TAB, CTRL-ESC or use the Windows key to get to my desktop the game changes to "Windowed Maximized" mode upon clicking back into the game. This is something that has just started occurring and I didn't previously have this issue. I have read a few other threads about where other players are having this same issue.

Please fix this issue as it is extremely irritating to constantly have to manually set the game back to full screen every time I want to go out to my desktop or to look something up in the STO Wiki.

Also the game will not let me set the refresh rate about 60 Hz. My display supports 144 Hz but every time is set it about 60 Hz it revert back to to 60 Hz when I close out the display settings menu and then reopen it.

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Join Date: Jun 2012
Posts: 10
I have submitted a support ticket both in game (no reply on that ticket) and through Arc Games website (this ticket got a reply). Their reply was just basic troubleshooting steps that didn't resolve the issue. I asked that they escalate this issue to the development team.

All of us experiencing this issue should submit a ticket on the Arc Games website and ask for this issue to be escalated to the development team. Maybe they will actually start listening to the fact that this is a issue and look into providing fix for it.

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