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# 1 Release Notes: May 22, 2014
05-21-2014, 04:53 PM

  • Resolved an issue where in rare occasions, items could duplicate upon map transitions.
  • Fluidic Cocoon:
    • Increased chance to trigger from 5% to 20%.
    • No longer triggered by damage-over-time effects such as Kinetic Shearing
      • These Toggle Traits can no longer be activated while Stealthed.
  • Six Sense, Immunity Response and Adrenal Release
    • These Toggle Traits can no longer be activated while Stealthed.
  • Added Profession-Specific Kits to each of the following Missions, on both initial play and replay:
    • Task Force Hippocrates (Fed only)
    • Keep Your Enemies Closer (Kdf only)
    • Fistful of Gorn (all factions)
    • Cutting the Cord (all factions)
    • Of Bajor (all factions)
    • Removed the Kit reward from "Abducted" (Rom only)
      • Replaced it with your choice of ground plasma weapons.
      • This Kit reward was moved to "Fistful of Gorn" so that all factions may receive it.
  • “Surface Tension” has been moved to the end of the Solanae Dyson Sphere arc in the episode journal.
    • The minimum level requirement for this mission is now level 50.
  • Resolved an issue where players could sometimes get trapped when respawning during the Undine Assault queued event.
  • Resolved an issue which was causing bridge officers and npcs to become stuck in their pathing on Nimbus ground.
  • The Vault: Ensnared queued event now gives out the correct rewards.
  • Reduced the damage dealt by turrets mounted on the exterior of the Voth city-ship in The Breach Elite.
  • Rigelian Females no longer have access to tails.
    • This was not meant to be an option.
  • Letheans now have arms when equipping the Voth Light Upper in the tailor.
  • Borg feet once again appear on Borg Liberated Bridge Officers.

Known Issues:

  • New kit modules do not have their own search category in the Exchange.
  • Kits in your inventory cannot be equipped by double-clicking on them.
    • You can drag and drop slot them.
  • Bridge Officers cannot wear all kit pieces captains are able to wear.
  • Occasionally, bridge officer and captain powers are removed from the power tray when transitioning to another map.

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