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Hello Fed-Roms and Feds !

We the Protonic Legion are looking for members to join our new fleet. We are now about 1 week old, and i figured it's about time to let the forums know

Our leadership, including me, are friends who met each other in a different game, but as i stopped playing there (for several reasons), I tried out STO, and i really love it Some of my friends followed me now, and i set up this nice little fleet for us nice little crazy bunch of peeps ! I already have some experience in STO, and am sharing it right now in our fleet, so my friends can enjoy the game better,faster,and also so they don't feel so lost in their first days/weeks off the game. So far i can't really complain,as they are a good bunch of peeps, and actually pretty good at games like this.

But now we want to grow. We want to be a fleet that doesn't need to hide behind other, bigger and older fleets anymore.

We ask YOU to join us, have fun chatting with us and, most of all, be a good addition to our team! We are casual fun players looking to teach and also learn things, and to play PvE/missions together, aswell as PvP together, or even against each other for the fun (we are fighters, and love to see ships and stuff blowing up, even if it's our own^^)

SO,if this made you curious, and you want to check us out, join us! We don't ask for much, and we don't expect you to give your last shirt for the fleet. Also, we don't have too high expectations to our members regarding online times.

A TS3 server is in the works as i post this, and also a website is under construction! Join the Protonic Legion - you won't regret it

Send me a message ,here or ingame for an invite @disease0815.

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