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# 1 Release Notes: June 12, 2014
06-11-2014, 05:08 PM

  • The Romulan Engineering Kit Mk XII obtained via the Trade-In vendor now rewards all Mk XII Modules.
  • The Spire Experimental Science Kit Mk XII obtained via the Trade-In vendor now includes a Green/Uncommon Biofilter Sweep Module, instead of a White/Common one.
  • Undine Space Battlezone:
    • Special Duty Officer Assignments are now available in the battlezone.
    • You can only access the assignments in the entrance of the Undine Space Battlezone.
  • Private queues can now be made for Undine Assault.
  • The Vice Admiral Jacket is back in the tailor.
  • Reman Females can no longer choose “Bare Skin” as an upper option in Formal Wear.
  • The “Escort the Dignitary to New Romulus” Officer of the Watch mission for Klingons can now be completed.
  • The Upper category for female armor suits no longer has a “Bare skin” option.
  • The chest gear and belt of the Yesterday’s Enterprise set no longer clips on bulky upper body builds.
  • The belt for the “Female 22nd Romulan” outfit no longer clips into the stomach.
  • There is now only 1 selection of textures for the upper piece of the “Romulan Federation 1” uniform.
    • Previously there was a duplicate of the correct texture option and choosing a texture did not work.

Summer Event:

  • Resolved an issue which was blocking the completion of Risa Corvette projects which were slotted and not completed last summer.
    • Projects in this state will now display a Finalize Project button which needs to be selected.
    • Players will then be able to claim the ship pack.
  • Powerboard descriptions now explicitly list their speed and turn ratings.
  • Risian Duty Officers now list their chance to fire.
    • (Tectonics expert)/bonus to dodge (emergency power to party)/subsystem power bonuses (Risian drift).
  • Moved the Arenologist onto the sand south of the promenade where he's easier to reach while building sand castles.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented Vulcans from being able to kick over castles at the spot south of the promenade.
  • The dance instructor, Horga'hn collector, Powerboarder, and Arenologist now have information about what time their respective events happen.
  • The Horga'hn Hunt event now lasts the full 15 minutes instead of ending 1 minute early.
  • Resolved an issue where occasionally Glowbugs would attack the wrong location when building a sand monument outside the resort on Risa.
  • Risian Lohlunat Pearl Bundle description updated:
    • "Risian corvette" changed to "Risian Starships"
    • "A small bundle of" changed to "2-6"
      • This is a text change only as the package has always contained this range of Pearls.
  • Preview images have been added to Risian Powerboard items.
    • To view the preview, right click on the Powerboard item in the store window.
    • The long description of the item will appear and includes a large preview image.
    • In your inventory you can view the image by right clicking on the item and selecting "Info."
  • Swimsuits can now use black, white, and a range of warm and cool gray colors.
  • Reman males can now wear swimsuits.

Known Issues:

  • New kit modules do not have their own search category in the Exchange.
  • Kits in your inventory cannot be equipped by double-clicking on them.
    • You can drag and drop slot them.
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