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01-28-2010, 09:18 PM
Originally Posted by Aq3nt View Post
Okay, I know what's wrong now... I pre-ordered from Atari before, for the cryptic points... And I pre-ordered the syfy bundle... Now I noticed that It did give me a code for the open beta and headstart... However when I entered that code into the website, it said I already have the code.. Its a different key, but I think the system knows its from Atari and I think again that you can't have 2 pre-orders from the same retailer.... Anyways, I'll enter the syfy code first, once its release on feb 2, 10 and see what happens.

Thank's Pestalence_XC and Cider71 for your help.
NP.. I posted that above in my thread about Pre-order Bonuses

***Note*** Pre-Order bonuses DO NOT STACK if ordered from the same retailer. You buy 2 Atari packages, you only can get 1 Pre-Order bonus. However if you buy from Gamestop and Atari, the Pre-Order Bonus does stack because they are from different retialers. This has been confirmed by Cryptic Devs.
In other words, they prevent you from getting 1000 Cryptic Points (2x Atari Pre-Order) since other Pre-Order Exclusives can not double.. such as the TOS Starship from Gamestop.

However you can order separately from Gamestop and Atari and their codes do stack so you can have 500 Cryptic Points AND the TOS Starship.

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