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06-08-2014, 06:31 PM
Ω Here's something I thought up:

"There's Always Some Strings Attached":

After the most recent Jenolan Accords, the Federation, KDF, and Romulan Republic have entered into a tense, but established, peaceable relationship. Federation and KDF forces have opened their once closed borders, letting enemies-turned-allies across their borders once again, and allowing more open discussions between all three galactic powers.

Of course not all are happy with the peaceable relations between these powers, and one such agent of discord has gone rogue. A Section 31 operative has gone renegade, targeting Romulan, Klingon, and even Federation vessels, labeling them all as enemies, either as Undine traitors or Iconian pawns. Your Captain has been targeted next, labeled as the Iconian's greatest puppet, the one who was always there at the right time, and the wrong time. They know all you strengths, and all your weaknesses. How will your captain handle it this time?

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06-12-2014, 08:31 AM
"The Amorph"

While inspecting a civilian freighter for contraband or on an away mission surveying a planet, you come across something unusual. It is a sentient, amorphous blob of carbosilicate material that looks like a mobile pile of sludge with eyes. While not a Changeling, it can alter its shape in order to fit through small spaces, and it can eat just about anything - though the interior space it can generate to use as a 'stomach' is also used as a storage space for anything it intends to use, like weapons, and can even be used to carry a person inside, if said person needs to avoid detection. And it's also more bloodthirsty and trigger-happy than just about any other race known to exist.

Write a story detailing your encounter with this strange creature.
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06-13-2014, 04:03 PM

Your ship is in orbit of an ice world, and you've been ordered to investigate. Two crew members beam down to set up a base for surveys.

Then a trio of enemy starships drops out of warp and forces your ship out of transporter range, leaving two of your crew on the planet with night closing in.

How do they survive? How does the experience affect them? And what hazards lurk in the icy night?
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06-14-2014, 05:48 AM
"Children of Time, Redux".

Based on this DS9 episode, one of my personal favorites.

While on a routine relief mission to a new colony, your ship discovers that a supposedly uninhabited class-M inhabited. The colonists hail your ship and ask you to beam down, and reference a minor personal detail about you that nobody except maybe your bridge crew should know.

When you beam down, you find that the "colonists" are your descendants, stuck here for hundreds of years after your ship fell through a spatiotemporal anomaly and crashed. A spatiotemporal anomaly that is going to close in two days.

How do you deal with this revelation, how does your crew cope, and do you ensure the existence of your descendants, or prevent them?

(this one would be a lot of fun to creatively interpret)
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One of my favorite TNG Episodes is "Cause and Effect". It's very Twilight Zone esque.

I'm sure I need not explain this is the one where The Enterprise is trapped in a time loops thanks to some collision with a ship stuck in the loop as well. I think the funnest part of that were what remained the same and the subtle differences each time they had to relive the same sequence over and over and over. I've thought about rewriting it with my crew but haven't done it yet. The daunting thing is you are obligated to write one scene several times before the clilmax. So its a long haul till the end, unlike other stories where you might be able to reduce the duration.
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06-17-2014, 05:23 PM
Hey everybody.

The new LC will be posted today. yesterday we just had to many fires to put out and I wanted to avoid a thread full of what has happened here.

This thread is supposed to be for submitting ideas, so I am going to go back and delete all posts about refreshing the page every 10 minutes or other non-LC-idea posts while I hunt for this months selection from the forum folk.

Thanks for your patience everyone, new LC is incoming! Prepare yourself!

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OK so I moved 23 pages of posts to a discussion thread.

Lets keep this thread for ideas only, and discuss the ideas or write short responses in the discussion thread.

33 pages of posts is WAY TO MUCH to try and hunt down any ideas you all have submitted, so lets keep this thread for essentials only if you want your topics to have a chance to make it into the monthly challenge.

Thanks everyone, and enjoy the new topic!

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It might be the starboard latch that keeps the Captain's Gig snug against the primary hull, a tractor beam that shorts out every time the target is at 4.3 km from the ship, or a sensor pallet that just won't stop sending feedback into the primary deflector array. It could be the torpedo launcher's exhaust drives the internal temperature up 10 degrees on Deck 7, or perhaps the phaser array's coolant keeps leaking into crew quarters, ruining the carpet.

Or maybe the replicators just can't make a good pie.

Something keeps breaking down, over and over and over...

What aspect of your ship has your Chief Engineer cursing the day they put on the gold? What component does your captain not rely on because it keeps breaking down? What makes the Science Division create a backup repair tool made of tricorders, duct tape, and 30 year old Romulan Ale?

Format ideas:
--from the Captain's perspective, a log detailing what keeps going wrong, or a report to Starfleet demanding that this be looked at by the SCE.
--from the Chief Engineer's perspective, a report to the Captain filled with explanations and excuses; a general hail to other ships of the same class asking, "Is your ship doing this too?"; a personal log on how you're overseeing the repairs personally this time.


"Respectfully, Sir...please don't do that again."

Captain, you've certainly done some unorthodox things in your career...but what has your crew crying, "Mercy!"

Maybe you demand Evasive Maneuvers every 45 seconds, and the SIF, Inertial Dampers, and other systems are being replaced on an daily basis, as opposed the the scheduled maintenance cycle of every six months.

Perhaps you separate the saucer so much that the docking latches are worn down.

Could be you're a stickler for discipline, deportment, and decorum, and you order your crew to repaint every corridor weekly, whether it needs it or not. it a Junior Officer that comes up the chain of command to respectfully request you stop flying your personal shuttle to the redline? Does your First Officer kindly suggest you take it down a notch before your crew gets on the edge of mutiny? Or does somebody have their Admiral Aunt or Uncle call you to ESD to discuss just why is it you're mounting 8 torpedoes on a Federation cruiser with a turn rate of a sick whale.

Format ideas:
--a Junior Officer risks his or her career to confront you directly...maybe after what you did got their best friend killed.
--you overhear crewmen talking while repairing a shuttle they don't know you're inside of.
--one of your senior staff tells you there's a problem.
--An Admiral demands an explanation for something you've done.
--counterpoint - you're called on what you did, but you explain why it is you did what you did...and it becomes a new SOP when the alternatives, in simulation, have proven disastrous.


"Are you trying to tell me something?"

Comms from Starfleet get 'lost'.
Orders are 'misplaced', then found once you can't do anything about it.
Supplies to your ship never arrive, or are incorrect, or consist of obsolete equipment.
You get invited to meetings after the meeting occurred, or when it's in a sector that's so far away you'll never make it.
Your suggestions to the brass get ignored. (Or, your submission to the LC idea thread that's a legitimate idea doesn't make it to the new idea thread. )

Is somebody trying to tell you something? Is an Admiral very displeased at something you did? Or did the person who thought *they'd* be in command of your ship find themselves at HQ with a lot of time on their hands and a big grudge against you?

Format ideas:
--how have you become aware of the cold shoulder treatment?
--your staff asks why the brass is treating you as they are, and asks what's going on?
--what are you going to do to solve the problem?
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"Darmok and Jalad, redux"

You've been assigned to joint military operations with a Tamarian starship in the Psi Velorum sector, near Federation, Republic, and RSE space.

While beaming down to a planet to investigate your target--a suspected Tal Shiar internment facility--you and the Tamarian Captain are separated from the strike force, beneath massive amounts of transporter-disrupting minerals, and must escape together.

How do you escape? Is the Tamarian's story reference-based language a fun puzzle for you to keep yourself occupied with in your boredom and anxiety, or do misunderstandings cause a disaster?
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"The Game"

While exploring the Delta Quadrant in a shuttle, near the Jenolan sphere, you and one of your crew are kidnapped by a Delta Quadrant species for use as gladiators. Sold at a slave market, bought by a fight promoter, and sent into combat against monstrous beasts, other slave gladiators, and alien criminals, you must fight to survive.

Meanwhile, the rest of your crew is searching for you with your ship. Will they find you? Can you and your crewsentient escape before it's too late?

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