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06-18-2014, 06:46 AM
Originally Posted by therealqmaster View Post
Hey guys, I'd like to play that mission too, but I can't even manage to pick it up anywhere. It's not available in my journal (it's in the episode replay list alright, but greyed out, i.e. no buttion to press). I thought I could maybe get it by speaking to D'Tan personnally, but I can't find him either.

Does anyone have an idea?
Technically, and for purists and RP'ers, you should really wait until you have reached T5 of the Romulan Reputation, before doing Sphere of Influence (and then Fluid Dynamics?) ...

I won't post spoilers (there is enough around already though I suppose) but once you do finish the Romulan Rep, and then do SoI, you'll understand. As I said though that's purely if you are a stickler for details.

I don't recommend skipping missions normally, as there are some good episodes amongst them and some good free gear available, but that's your choice.

The whole chain of missions associated with SoI, are worth doing for some good gear, and again for RP'ing purposes. Plus once you have done any mission once, you can repeat it infinitely, so "farming" for gear is easier.


D'Tan doesn't show up much really, only in cutscenes, So you can't really "visit" him. However if you go to Sector Space around New Romulus after finishing/skipping all previous missions, the SoI mission should show up, and you'll be teleported down to New Rom ...

Subcommander Kaol, is your main contact in the actual Dyson Sphere Zone or Joint Command Center, and you CAN visit him, though most of his stuff is presented via in game popups and mission dialogues.
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# 12 re: can't pick up SoI
06-20-2014, 06:00 AM
Originally Posted by nccmark View Post
You have to finish or skip all series/episodes before it...Klingon, etc.
Thanks alot! I suspected something of that sort.

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