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While gearing up a new alt I was going to play and then replay mission Sphere of Influence for the omni beam and the warp core. The first run went without problems but now every time I try to replay the mission I just get a message from D'Tan with no other options but "Exit".

I also tried to start the mission replay with my main who has done all the missions and replayed this one before but I got the same result now.

Has anyone else encountered this / is there a solution to this?

If this topic has been brought up before please re-direct me to that thread. I couldn't find it with my searches.

Thanks in advance.


I asked a friend who could pick the replay to team/share this and it worked so sharing can be used as a workaround. I'd still like to know what causes this if someone knows...

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06-22-2014, 06:15 PM
That problem was supposedly fixed when it first showed up but I have not been able to replay it and neither has my roommate.

Altho this thread should have been in the bug report forum.

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