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# 1 One quick tutorial request
01-29-2010, 01:18 PM
I know you guys have been busy getting ready for launch, but I feel as the first impression of the game for new people the tutorial could use a bit of work. I've posted my suggestions before and I think a lot of people agree a few minor changes could make a lot of difference here, but I just wanna highlight tiny thing that I think is vital as a trek fan aware that I'm not nearly as hardcore as some of the people who will try this game:

-The U.S.S. Khitomer still only has 4 decks? I know, minor detail, but all it would take is a change of a few text boxes and 2 wall signs to make players feel like they're on a 20-something deck starship, starting in sickbay on deck 7 and going down to the engineering levels of decks 13-15. I've been saying since closed beta that one of the biggest immersion breakers for me in the tutorial (other than beaming into a borg-infested ship alone) is that the mission tells me that sickbay (and the shuttlebay through the window) is on deck 1, and its only 2 decks down to main engineering, on a huge Sovereign-class ship.

still having fun though and i'm excited about some of the new stuff coming our way so keep up the good work devs! just please polish the tutorial a bit?

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