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# 1 Suricata's Star Charts
01-29-2010, 02:12 PM
Over the last year I have been working on and maintaining this starchart. I try to update it as my freetime allows, so it will occasionaly become outdated when new patchs to the game are added. The image is now hosted on my own server and as such the URL will now remain consistant, so no need to update links on fleet sites once you have linked it (after April 2011)

If you wish to print the map, I'd suggest printing it on atleast A3 paper, it maybe an idea to make a negative image of the map to help save ink as well. Due to time constraints, I will not be maintaining 2 versions (colour and printable) as I previously did.

Suricata's Star Chart

Update: Added System list and sector blocks
Update 2: Corrected a few typos, created a printable version.
Update 3: Added Borg systems, Ganalda station, redid Starfield and created higher resolution version
Update 4: Added Fleet Actions, Klingon clusters, remade system icons, Adjusted contrasts
Update 5: Remade the map and updated the information to Season 3.

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