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Hi all,

I've been browsing the forums from work today and wanted to clarify a couple things that I had heard.

First is, I heard that the liberated Borg for lifetime subscribers was not available yet it seems cryptic or someone said it was bumped up. Can anyone shed some light on the situation? Also regarding joined trill for the pre order I'm sure I saw that these bonuses were not available until the retail Launch on feb 2

also I pre ordered through steam and have a lifetime subscription, will steam be giving me a retail key for when the headstart ends or should I aleady have it? Is there a specific place to look or re-request this retail key?

Also If the liberated Borg and joined trill are only available come feb2 will they automatically be added to my account when I log on or do I need to do some magic voodoo (ie. Inputting codes in places?)

any valid responses fully welcome

thanks for your time

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