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Here is the ticket I created at STEAM. Thought I'd post it hear hoping we get a response from Cryptic someday.

Played the Head Start for 4 hours with no issue. I logged out and made backup copy of my STO directory from STEAM directory. I had read about problem of having to redownload the game in forums and wanted to avoid the issue. I logged back into the game via the STO icon STEAM had created and sure enough, I was forced to start the 10gig download. I quit that and launched STO directly from the backup directory I had made 5 minutes earlier. This launched me to the STO launcher page. I was able to login and when it got to the PATCH page, it wanted to do a 10gig download there as well. What the HELL is going on? There has been ZERO communication from Cryptic or STEAM and a TON of paying customers are affected by this and quite upset. Anyone care? Or just sitting in the back room counting your money? Where is the customer service?

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