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01-29-2010, 04:10 PM
Originally Posted by Suunman
I'm in a bit of a weird financial state - I don't work full time because of a car accident -- so i have trouble justifying a monthly fee... sooner or later i get into something else or need some time off etc - then i'm left looking at this bill on my credit card torn over spending money when i haven't played that month...

But if i pay all at once and bite the bullet and pay it off my credit card I never have to feel bad about paying ever again... even if i take a couple of months off playing that game... I know it's not logical - but it's just how i feel about MMO's

Lord of the rings is stress free for me no matter how much or how little i play - Champions is a stress - so i canceled mu subscription because I wasn't playing it enough - i just got too busy...

so in some ways a lifetime sub, while not logical, gives me the freedom to enjoy a game on my terms. I'd just like to have 30 days to decide rather than a day or two...
I pay my WoW subscription month by month, because I also play Sims3 when the mood strikes me, and I'm busy trying to finish the redraft of my novel. So, I don't always have time to play WoW and paying for a month when I'm not sure I'm even going to play the game is wasted resources.

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