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Just going to express some frustration here.
Pre-ordered the game via Steam (great idea), bought a lifetime subscription, played through the open beta.
Updated the game last night in anticipation for the head start.

Game doesn't load, says there's a 10GB patch (re-download the game... awesome)
patch fails and cryptic error reporting pops up... 3 times.

Finally start the download for a 4th time, completes.
Launcher wants to download another 110MB patch (no problem, i've already DL about 18 gigs since 11am)

start the game, log in..... FATAL ERROR: Error decompressing data Ticket ID: Unknown

very very happy so far. gotta say.
Any input anyone?
Tried verifying game files, launcher verified everything... am not in the mood to download this game for a third time.

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