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I posted earlier today in the chatroom and in the startrek discussion forum and was absolutely obliterated by the borg. I resisted for a while and attempted to bump my own thread... but after about 2 minutes it was avalanched down to page 4. I've now decided to attempt a different approach!

So, I did get SOME information out of the chatroom and that is, if you want to buy lifetime you have to preorder as well. Meaning, the cost of the game PLUS lifetime subscription. I am really interested in this and this is the method I used to buy Lord of the Rings too. Anyways... my question is as follows:

People were telling me that it MIGHT cost me $300ish to preorder/lifetime purchase, but if I want extra bonuses it might cost me more.

I could not get details as to what bonuses they were talking about or how to buy those bonuses, or if I could somehow convert my account at a later time and still get those things.

Can someone give me the run-down on preordering since I pretty much only have a day left? Please be sure to speak about bonuses and the works.


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