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# 1 Ok ive had enough
01-29-2010, 06:42 PM
This is pathetic, about an hour ago I was able to play for about 15mins, then i changed areas, and it disconected. Now I can't even get to the char screen. It seems to me that nothing is being done about this like cryptic is thinking *OOOO some people are able to play thats good enough* well guess's not. Cryptic can you fix the game please at least make it so were able to LOG IN and STAY loged in. It's like cryptic has dissapeard and they won't even update us on whats happening. This shows me that in a month or two if you actually get this whole thing fixed, that if a big bug comes up your not gonna do anything about it. I'm begining to think this was a big waste of my money. At least say something like "were looking into it and hopefully it's fixed tomorrow" kinda thing before I bash my computer and regret it afterwerds lol

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