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# 1 Player Ability List
01-29-2010, 10:04 PM
Player abilities are abilities captains know, that are much like BO abilities. I shall investigate further! You also cannot put points into abilities, and instead must buff them via your player skills.

Abilities now unlock during a tier. The level listed indicates that you should spend ALL of your skill points you've earned up to that point.

Every active skill you learn are upgraded at the beginning of the next rank, from I to II, and II to III. The max rank of an active skill seems to be III.
  • Science
    • Lieutenant
      • Tricorder Scan I[Ground]: Sensor Scan reduces the Damage Resistance of the Target and nearby hostile enemies while increasing your perception, making it easier to detect enemies. Unlock: Level 5
      • Sensor Scan I[Space]: Sensor Scan reduces the Damage Resistance of the Target and nearby hostile ships while increasing your perception, making it easier to detect enemies.Unlock: Level 8
    • Lt.Commander
      • Neural Neutralizers: Placate nearby enemies. Placate breaks on damage. Placate makes enemies do any action that does not hurt you or allies.[Ground]:Unlock: Level 15
      • Subnucleonic Beam I: Increases recharge time of target's powers Unlock: Level 18
    • Commander
      • Dampening Field I: Creates a field that debuffs the energy damage of all enemies within its effect. [Ground]:Unlock: Level 25
      • Dampening Field I: Dampening Field projects a shield around your ship, reducing the damage you and nearby allies receive from incoming energy weapon fire.:Unlock: Level 28
    • Captain
      • Unknown[Ground]:Unlock: Level 35
      • Unknown:Unlock: Level 38
    • Rear Admiral
      • Unknown[Ground]:Unlock: Level 45
      • Unknown:Unlock: Level 48

  • Tactical
    • Lieutenant
      • Target Optics I[Ground]:Scans a group of enemies and buffs your damage, crit chance and crit severity. Has a chance to expose enemies near the targetUnlock: Level 5
      • Attack Pattern Alpha I: Attack Pattern Alpha increases the damage of your weapons, and improves your turning rate. Unlock: Level 8
    • Lt.Commander
      • Fire On My Mark I [Ground]:Fire on my Mark applies a damage resistance debuff on the enemy target.Unlock: Level 15
      • Fire on my Mark I:Unlock: Level 18
    • Commander
      • Tactical Initiative I[Ground]: Reduces ability/weapon cool down timers to zero for the entire away team. Has a cool down of two minutes.Unlock: Level 25
      • Unlock: Level 28
    • Captain
      • [Ground]Unlock: Level 35
      • Unlock: Level 38
    • Rear Admiral
      • [Ground]Unlock: Level 45
      • Unlock: Level 48

  • Engineering
    • Lieutenant
      • Reroute Power to Shields I[Ground]: Reroute Power to Shields diverts energy from the engineer's tricorder to their personal shield generator, restoring lost energy and temporarily increasing shield damage resistance.Unlock: Level 5
      • Rotate Shield Frequency I: Rotate Shield Frequency slightly increases shield regeneration and provides significant damage resistance. Unlock: Level 8
    • Lt.Commander
      • Cover Shield I[Ground]: Cover Shield creates a fixed position forcefield that blocks line of sight. Can be used as a temporary cover.Unlock: Level 15
      • EPS Power Transfer I: EPS Power Transfer efficiently distributes energy to increase the power levels to all systems for either yourself or a target ally.Unlock: Level 18
    • Commander
      • Support Drone Fabrication I: Creates a level 1 Support Drone I for 60 seconds. Support drone has four abilities: Attack, Buff, Wide Beam, and Explosion. Support Drone will fire at your targets and follow you.[Ground]:Unlock: Level 25
      • Nadion Inversion I: Allows an additional energy weapon to fire without depleting power levels for 21 sec. Unlock: Level 28
    • Captain
      • [Ground]:Unlock: Level 35
      • Miracle Worker I: Restores Hull, and has a chance to repair disabled subsystems.Unlock: Level 38
    • Rear Admiral
      • Orbital Strike I: Calls down a beam weapon strike from your ship. AoE damage+knockback. [Ground]:Unlock: Level 45
      • Unlock: Level 48
  • Everyone
    • Lieutenant
      • Evasive Maneuvers I: Evasive Maneuvers provides a speed, maneuverability, and defense buff. Unlock: Level 3
    • Lt.Commander
      • Brace for Impact I: Brace for Impact provides a some kinetic damage resistance to the starship and a significant amount of damage resistance for the crew.Unlock: Level 13
    • Commander
      • Ramming Speed I: Ramming Speed provides a short speed burst. If you collide with another ship during the duration, the target ship receives massive kinetic and crew damage and you receive heavy kinetic and crew damage. Shields drastically reduce the effects of kinetic damage.Unlock: Level 23
    • Captain
      • Abandon Ship I: Destroys your ship in an auto-destruct sequence. Unlock: Level 33
    • Rear Admiral
      • Unlock: Level 43

Some skill definitions thanks to Slingblade,ArmEagle, Hythian, the_baroness.

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