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I can understand new players being taken through the training missions (USS Khitomer etc.) to learn the ropes of the game, but must we go through it every time we create a new character? I admit, I'm one of the lucky ones for whom the game seems to be working 99.9% correctly, but having just created another character, I'm forced (as far as I know) to go through it all again. Can there be some way of just going straight to the Sirius sector and starting to get real missions?

On a similar note, playing the same missions all over again is a tad boring and really kills the fun of creating different characters. Could there not be a pool of parallel missions of equal difficulty level, and whenever a character gets to a certain mission-giving NPC they get a random one of those parallel missions, so not everyone gets the same mission at the same stage and starting with a new character won't necessarily get the same missions? This would increase the fun of the game exponentially and make creating new characters far more enticing.

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