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# 1 Simple motivation - 101
01-30-2010, 01:26 AM
I zone into one of the fleet ops and see about 6 ships sitting at the zone in point, but the op is in process, about half done. It's a bunch of light cruisers, just sitting there chatting. I ask one why they were just sitting and this is what they answered:

"Why? I came in with the mission 1/3 done, so I'll get no end-game loot. The d-bag escorts are hogging all the loot and won't invite us, and when we group we can't compete with them. So why bother? I'm not getting loot and don't need to exert myself to get the mission done and get out. They want all the loot? They do all the work."

I found this in 3 different fleet ops. Then I zoned into one, found it about half done, flew out and found 4 escorts working the ships. I asked if they wanted to team up they said "we are teamed, **** off". I tried to help, but I got no drops, and since it was half done, I knew I'd get nothing at the end.

Equally rewarded with squat whether I do or not, so I headed back to the station to sit...and found 4 guys sitting there, chatting. I parked next to them, went afk to take a much-needed bio break, got some tea, came back, found the mission done and I'd gotten my exps. I left the zone and moved on, fairly certain I'd never return to that fleet op.

Golly, that sure was fun. Human motivation is not a difficult concept, they teach it in middle school. People want to feel like they have a chance. People want to feel like the rewards the game is offering are at least moderately equal. The guys flying the 'scorts aren't "better", they're just lucky. Lucky in that they got in sooner, lucky that Cryptic loves 'scorts to base the entire loot reward system around them. Lucky that they chose the "favoured path".

There are vast holes in this game that are hugely demotivational. I fully expect admiral escorts to sit in these fleet ops to farm the loot to sell for cash, because they can. I know this because, in the OB, when I tried to do the Crystal Entity, there were 2 of them sitting there, for hours, spamming keys to see who could murder it the fastest.

The reward model has to be broadened to at least come close to having a semblance of fairness.

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