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01-30-2010, 01:33 AM
Prime Directive - Have Fun!

Seniors gaming clan has almost 100 members, coming from all over the world, but mainly Europe and Scandinavia. Ages range from 25 (which is the minimum age to join SNR and become a member) to 63.

Seniors Clan is what is called a 'multi-gaming' clan. We are not focusing on one single game, but we try to provide a gaming environment that suits the needs of all our members.

We try to organize things in such a way that we have a guild in any game we are actively involved in so our members can benefit the most from the game's resources - hence Seniors Fleet in STO.

Seniors is aimed at the older gamer (minimum age 25) and are ethos is that Real Life always comes first (this is, after all, just a game). We have a Vent server and an STO channel will be set up for game launch.

Management of The Fleet is low key (no power tripping here ). There will be Seniors Council members in charge, but essentially go out and play and don't do anything that brings Seniors into disrepute. More formal organisation depends upon the STO Guild structure.

Seniors will be a light RP, mostly PVE with initial focus on the Federation side of the game. For those wanting a Klingon alt The House of Elders awaits you.

Live longer and prosper.

For those interested in membership, please visit our website and click the link to the forum, where you can post an introduction and application to join.

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