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# 1 Pre-order Exclusives Advice?
01-30-2010, 02:06 AM
I am debating which retailer to purchase my copy of Star Trek Online Collector's Edition from. I've concluded that the only three retailers I can get a physical copy from are Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop.

The Amazon exclusive is a Borg Bridge Officer. She's a gorgeous liberated Borg and would make a fine addition to any bridge. Straightforward enough.

The Best Buy exclusive is an in-game "pet": a Tribble if you play Federation, a Targ if you play Klingon. I am confused as to what the function of this pet is, if any (this is my first MMORPG, and I'm not certain what pets do in other games such as WoW, they might just run around with your character and look cool for all I know, fill me in!), and as to whether each of your characters can have this pet, or only one (in which case you're have to choose between a Tribble or a Targ and your decision would be final).

The GameStop exclusive is a Constitution class starship with blue phasers and an extra engineering mod slot. Also straightforward, an extra engineering mod slot would have obvious advantages and who wouldn't want a Constitution class starship?

My questions: 1. Which retailer did you choose to pre-order from? 2. What function would you guess the pets have, if any? 3. Do you think pets are one per code (meaning only one of your characters can have one)?

Many thanks!

Please note: I tried posting this thread yesterday, but when I logged on to read responses it seems to have been deleted. If you replied or have already read this, I appreciate your patience and would be grateful if you replied again.

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