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It should have been done like this, only slightly modified to make it work for an MMO.

Watch from 6:34 - 7:04 only

If it was done like that, modified so that you were closer to your ship, travel times were longer (with the traditional star trek warping look of stars passing by) and when you went to a planet in a system you would go to your instance for missions, IT WOULD BE PERFECT.

EDIT: As people seems to be COMPLETELY confused.... Here is what I mean with what STO should adopt.

ME2 does Galaxy --> area in the Galaxy w/ solar systems, etc. ----> solar system ---> planet ---> enter planet/starbase instance for mission.

How you move betwen each one can be adopted for STO, w/ 3rd person view of ship and being able to control ship just like it is now. Obviously, travel times would need to be a bit bigger and the galaxy probably a bit bigger as well.

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