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01-30-2010, 03:31 AM
All those people who are 'disappointed' - that's how bussines is done nowadays. No way any company is buying more server power before the first month is over and the number of actual subscribers settles down.

So far, STO prelaunch has been a lot smoother than ****'s - people had to deal with 2 hour login Qs and if they dropped out for some reason, too bad, back to the bottom of the Q.

At least so far, I was able to log back in after some time - the disconnects bite, yes, but that too hasn't been as bad as it could have been so far.
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01-30-2010, 03:32 AM
I wont lie, when I told my bf that STO launched last night his first reaction was "so you're going to sit around for a couple of hours in the hope you can connect to a login server that is undoubtedly going to crash".
I simply laughed, said "seriously, in this day and age I'm pretty sure Cryptic would have learned from the mistakes of other MMO's.. plus... they obviously know how popular the ST franchise is. They'll obviously bring in more computer power for the first week or so".

30 mins after launch, he was still laughing at me. -_-
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01-30-2010, 03:35 AM
well i played for almost 10 hrs before being dced games fine your internets suck!.

all joking aside name one mmo that has had a flawless release and stable servers .

no mmo ever released has..

get over it
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01-30-2010, 03:57 AM
Originally Posted by darksidedunc View Post
This reminds me of another great MMO that had all types of connection problems.....oh wait....NO IT DOESN'T. I've never wanted so badly to donkey-punch someone as I do after spending the last 2 hours of my life trying to connect. I did the Beta and like what I saw, except for the crap connection and server drops. I figured "'s Beta. It'll be saucetastic come the 29th." Oh really Duncan? Is that what you thought? Well there buddy O' mine.....HERE'S A BIG CAN OF STFU and SUCK IT, Love Cryptic.

Oh, and for all the twerps out there that will look at my *****y little rant and "notify" me "hey dude....maybe you should turn off your firewall er somethin" or better yet "Why don't you go back to playin WoW, loser!" here's a little tip:

I don't play World of Wickedly Incompetent Gamers and I get paid more in 1 hour working for a Pharmaceutical company's IT department then many of you make in a yea....I know how to make a system work. This isn't a diss on the people that don't make a crapload of money. I just wanted to put it in a way that the softies out there would understand. "What's a Softie?" you ask? Well, a softie is a person who sits his or her chunky butt in their computer chair drooling over the keyboard dreaming of MMO lovin all day and night long whilst sipping on the seventeenth coke in 2 hours.

I wanted to play this game because I like real MMO's and Star least there's still hope out there, and it's called Bioware.

WOW. you REALLY need to learn to relax. You know this is just a game correct? And as for your issue, I think you need to check your firewall. Have a coke and a smile!

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