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As with the birth of any new MMO there is bound to be some general negativity and growing pains. But to counter point this I just wanted to show two things I’m enjoying about STO, please feel free to list your own.

1) Reading the mission logs.
They are actually quite entertaining. Well done to the people that wrote them. In open beta I just did what any power levelling noob would do and ran through them not caring about the “fluff”. A big mistake on my part.

2) The genesis content.
While exploring Delta Volanris Cluster I started a mission protecting an asteroid base from a wave of Klingons, Pretty standard stuff, fire the Torpedoes, sSend flowers to the bereaved, home for dinner.

But then when I entered my second “anomaly”, lo and behold, I was back at the same base… this time fighting off the Gorn, by this time, I’m thinking to myself, whoever’s running security on that station should be put against a wall and shot… And so I send a few Gorn to their fiery doom, say my good byes and fly back to sector space.

But then! Surprise surprise, on my third encounter, it was exactly the same base!, fair to say I was getting a little bit suspicious, maybe the security team were in on it? Still, ever the plucky gent I beamed down and evicted the squatters and tidied up the place... After these three encounters I finally came face to face with what I had been protecting all along, a single crate containing Klingon coffee! Are supplies that short that the klingons will send out an amarda for a hit?… mind you that’s understandable, caffeine withdrawal can do strange things.

Spam over… thank you (if you bothered) for reading…

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