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# 1 not again...reloading 10g
01-30-2010, 06:46 AM
17hrs.... yep. Can't relate how fustraited and upset I am at steam and cryptic for no official response, fixes or support.

I have tried everything thats been mentioned in what? 122pages of threads now.

So I have restored/deleted steam through the remover 4 times now. AlI i have is STO launcher to download AGAIN least its to cryptic and not steams hidden files it put all over the place. I can't find anymore anyways.

I did get in, made a toon 1hr before the 3-5am maintance but now can't get passed reloading again.

deleteing steams loader local content files didn't work after relocating the online sto folders either btw.

hopefully steam is all out of my system now which i highly doubt and again reloading sto.

Cryptic is quickly comming to fault also for such poor support relatings in its own forums to an obvious problem when theres so many post every minute for so many hours.

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