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# 1 Can't download game HELP!!!
01-30-2010, 06:31 AM
I've tried 3 times to download the 7.5 gb and on each install the files fail CRC check on the texture or texture2.hogg or one of 3 bins.hogg files. Eariler the game, which worked in beta, crashed each time I clicked a race in the creator. I went to download my digital download from Atari and uninstalled the older beta code. The download on Atari is still labeled beta and may be the same code but the ridiculous installer continues unpacking files even AFTER CRC checks are reported and gives NO WAY to individually patch or download just the files that failed, I have to re-download the entire 7-8 gbs each time.

I've shutdown all other programs and TSRs and have no screensaver or powersave mode set in the OS. someone else wrote there's a way to download the files from Cryptic and not Atari, is that still possible?

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