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01-30-2010, 07:51 AM
Hi all only a few days left now woo hooand can't wait
I have a number of questions to which i hope can be answered by developers and users please?

1. What Class of ship do you start with.

2. Any classic star trek ships available are there e.g Miranda, Oberth, Excelisior ( sorry if spelling is Wrong) etc. that you can command?

3. Can you go to the Gamma/Beta/Delta Quadrants yet?

4. Can you fight the Cardassians?

5. Can you dock and go explore DS9 (Deep Space Nine)

6. When in combat can you go into a Mutara Nublua and fight it out as in Wrath of Khan firing phasers and torpedoes manually?

7. Can you select the Alert status as from previous games Green, Yellow, Red alert?

8. Can you choose your own registry? Or even create your own i.e HMS instead of USS?

9. Can you use the uniforms from the Series i know TOS is available but what about the others and how?

10. Can you visit Starfleet command & Earth and other planets i.e Bajor, Cardassia, QoNos, Vulcan and other locations in general?

11. Can you board other users ships?

12. Can you use shuttles to land on planets and other ships?

13. I know you can answer to other players distress calls but additionally, Do you get distress calls from ncp or planets being attacked or need help and if so what happens if you refuse?

14. If you violated other planets space will you get attacked as in Star trek the Nextr generation- A final unity pc game?

15. When the thirty days of free play are over will you get informed?

16. can you fire on other federations ships if your the federation and Klingon vs klingon?

Many thanks for your Time

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