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# 11 OOC self-introduction
10-10-2013, 08:26 AM
Hello, I have read the OP and am interested in lore-based, TNG/DS9-era-ish (or with the feel of that era, anyway) roleplay. I have not done forum-based RP before, but I have some in-game RP experience in LOTRO and have designed a Trill captain in STO for RP purposes. I would appreciate any additional guidance that could be given me, as I did not completely understand the OP. If I could be pointed to a thread or two to peruse, for example, that would probably help me see this form of RP in action.

Also, if anyone knows of a fleet with an RP focus, or a place for me to go to engage with other RPers in game, I would be most appreciative.

Tozar Erol is my (joined) Trill captain, and OOC I am an American currently living in Japan, so my timezone situation is a bit unusual.

Thank you!
Career Officer
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# 12
11-09-2013, 05:48 AM
Hello. My name is Fredric, I have 33 years and I'm from Montevideo, Uruguay. I watch Star Trek from 1985 to date. I played various RPGs with dice: d & d, ad & d, werewolfs, shadowrun, lotr, paranoia, vampires, and many more do not even get to remember my college era.
I've played warriors, mages, paladins, barbarians, bards, Amazons, necromancers, summoners, explosives experts, diplomatic, political, neutral, good, bad, evil, very very very bad, and everything that might happen.
It would be interesting to reconnect with that time in which both I had fun with this.
Seven of Melmac
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# 13
01-20-2014, 01:42 AM

I would like to play my STO character in some RP. Either in-game, here, or both (preferably). I live in the US EST -5. Just started playing STO, so I would RP the same way. Here's the Bio of my character in-game that is meant to act as an IC intro:

Vinter Ansel Valartin, the second born of the Valartin family. Well-known throughout Federation space for large success in the logistics industry. The Valartin family was behind several large Federation shipping contracts, mostly for starship control modules to which quality shipping and punctuality was paramount. Although Vinter tends to be the rebel or black sheep of the family, attention to detail is in his blood and no sentient being within the universe will debate the meticulous nature of a Valartin. The name is synonomous with precision.

His recent decision to join Starfleet and leave behind the extravagant life as secondary heir to a shipping enterprise came as a bit of a shock to his father, who was not pleased. However, Vinter's brother, Vance, always knew his younger sibling would never be content with the lavish life. He knew, Vinter craved adventure.

Thanks for reading and here's to hoping I can develop this character within an interesting plot among other unique characters. =)
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# 14
03-06-2014, 01:42 PM
Hello everybody. I just wanted to submit my character and an idea or two for stories. I prefer RP online over forum but I am interested in both. If anything here sounds good or you'd like me to join an existing story, let me know.

Gilnea Rezik - Haygian female, humanoid with light skin, approximate average height/weight using human standards, purple-pink hair and eyes with purple markings around eyes, exceptional telepath/telekinetic, Starfleet Academy graduate class of 2407, tactical officer focused in firearms and squad command, currently serving as CO U.S.S. Excalibur NCC-983295
-Personality profile as assembled by Starfleet Medical, Psychology Division, Dr. T'Pok conducting: Subject shows signs of an introverted personality possibly due to loss of homeworld to Borg incursion. No signs of clinical depression or extreme tendencies toward recklessness. Subject is dedicated and precise and shows an ability to analyze situations efficiently. Subject also shows great focus and utilizes many self-discipline techniques, none of which are officially approved by Starfleet Medical but similarly do not show any unnecessary force to self. Note that self-discipline techniques seem to be a proactive measure of self-control due to subject's exceptional abilities in telepathy and telekinesis, full extent of which has not been determined prior to enrolling in Starfleet Academy.
U.S.S. Excalibur - Odyssey-class, registry NCC-983295, launched on Stardate 88736.5, 40 decks, crew complement approximately 2,500, ten phaser banks, three torpedo bays complemented by quantum torpedoes, multi-phasic regenerative shield array, chevron separation, Aquarius-class escort, five shuttle bays complemented by Yellowstone-class runabouts and Delta-class shuttlecraft, holodecks, gymnasium and gathering halls, nine personnel transporters and three large cargo transporters, quantum slipstream drive, Borg enhanced deflector dish, impulse and warp engines, hull repairing nanites
Story idea 1: Based on Dominion feature episodes from STO, a rogue Jem'Hadar fleet has entered the Alpha Quadrant with the intention of attacking the Federation and Klingon core worlds directly, starting with Earth. Gilnea and crew join with other captains from Starfleet, the KDF and the Romulan Republic to head off the fleet. Complications arise though when some forces arrive earlier than the main fleet and accost outposts across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants and some ships have to be diverted to reinforce and rescue these various locations. This builds to an intense and climactic final battle that will set the tone for all the conflicts in both quadrants.
Story idea 2: While the Excalibur is docked at Earth Spacedock for system upgrades, the Borg components aboard the Excalibur reactivate and take control of all the Excalibur's systems. It then focuses all power into an anyon beam focused on a single spot in low-Earth orbit. At that time, all Borg ships begin to converge on Earth, but they do not assimilate or attack anything along the way. Gilnea gathers captains across Starfleet to investigate these happenings. The KDF and Romulan Republic also take notice and begin their own investigations. All investigations lead to pieces that reveal a dark secret about the Borg's past - a secret connected to a threat the Earth has faced before.
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# 15 Hi
06-21-2014, 03:03 PM
Hi I'm Tickfish. I'm not necessarily new to Roleplaying, been at it for almost a decade now, but I am not particularly savvy with tabletop. As far as my skills go I prefer action packed character development where there is a new adventure around every bulkhead. I can play villain or good guy. I love plotting surprises.

Post wise I prefer at least three lines doesn't have to be long novels for me but a oneliner doesn't give me enough to respond to.

I'm pretty flexible and love making friends so feel free to approach me with ideas and queries.

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# 16 Roleplay
07-01-2014, 03:43 PM

I am Firebat, and I have been playing this game back in December of 2013. I heard about Roleplay being in this game but never figured out how to get to it, so I decided to play through some of the story and level up and get fancy gear and stuff. Finally a friend directed me to this site, I logged in and found this thread yesterday. I've been a Role-player for quite some time being one in Fallen Earth and Star-craft 2 Cortex. I know that this Role-play experience will be different from the others and I am looking forward to finding a good Fleet and getting to learn and experience and enjoy every second of it.

My main and only Character is Firebat yet his real name is never mentioned, so if ya want to PM me then @firebat239 is where its at.

I'm probably going to continue reading over this thread.

-Firebat of the U.S.S. Feuer-Sturm
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This is Pod Lexicon. He survives in the catacombs of interwoven time threads between endless universes and free-form multidimensional realities. Nicknamed Pod or Podlex he has be retrained by temporal headquarters for finding and possibly even solving new problems. His work is never done and now he needs the help of... other operatives and agents.

Action - *
Before - **
Choice - ***

Fleet relativity is a temporal fleet. Operatives are disbursed by agents, monitored and returned to temporal headquarters. There mode of transportation is Fleet Relativity. The concept here is the mission. Eventually these missions could be put into STO foundry. The fleet consists of three ships. code named - Action, Before, Choice. [ABC] "Intuitive decisions are Chosen Before the Action." - motto.

Roll Play would consist first with plot writing and scenario building in an OOC thread, or chat group. The story would be written and detailed with a possible publication beyond STO in mind. Actions reactions and reinterpretations of the plot would be written with the hypertext idea at work, causing a many-scenario type of story. Hypertext writing should be used for temporal representations of plot forks. In threaded rp time jumps can occur by multiple posts being writing with title references to the link.

I am interested if these ideas inspires any mission plots we could post?, where anything is possible. I am not a DM and this is not a dungeon. Beamouts can occur at anytime anywhere within the galaxy. We can think at Gary Seven's level of tech but far into the future/now/past. Probability transports between like universes is limited to the fleet ships. Planet level Beamouts (beam earth to safty) are done at Temporal Headquarters usually. Temporal-power-beams leading to/from new problems are a general concept and plot tool. You can recruit me or I - you..

I stop here,

Http://starbase118.net = the oldest RollPlay simulation writing fleet netwide.
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# 18 roll play
07-28-2014, 06:47 AM
im instrested in roll playing can anybody help me to get started
Career Officer
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# 19
07-29-2014, 03:21 PM
I too would like to get started, either in the forums or in the game itself.

The role I'd like to play is that of my main character, Maxamillian Ulysses Giovanni, a Star Fleet tactical officer, at some point prior to actuqally gaining the rank of captain (Sure, I've gotten to Admiral, and sport the Captain title in-game because "Flag Officers Fly Desks," But unless I'm actually running a scenario, I'd prefer to represent Max as part of the crew.

Bit of a warning though: Max had an... interesting... cadet cruise experience involving an as yet to be identified entity that left roughly 75% of the ship's occupants transformed in some way. For example, one of Max's fellow cadets became a Horta, and Max...

Well, let's just say that she doesn't like to talk about it much.

I do have a full profile for Max, but i'll have to upload it later.
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I am posting here because this is a new user ID.
I am not new to this game, I have been playing since its inception.

I have sent a PM to the one moderator that I could, all of the others can only receive PMs
from "friends". That hardly seems conducive to performing the task of a moderator as I am
used to on just about every other forum from the RPF to 12volt.com to OpenTable.

Irrespective to this, I am trying to resolve a two year old issue with aligning my game launcher
ID to a forum ID to a support page ID.

When the flaws/faults in the game surface during play, access to the forum is critical since requesting help from a GM or opening a trouble ticket is as useful as sand in the desert.

If a moderator can kindly get back to me, I would appreciate it.

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