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First stage to about 50% is just shards that do strong kenetic damage and a powerful beam weapon that most Cruisers can tank if they have the right set up.

After 50% or so more shards start appearing. Nothing that will cause much trouble.

30% health is where people need to think for a second.

Large Shards come out of the Entity and can cause havoc with all the other players who have no idea.

Large Shard will hit YOU or MINES and break into 3 small shards that return to the Entity and greatly heal it.

So what can you do?

I suggest you hit your power to engines and run circles around they Entity while NEVER getting hit and shooting the Entity. This works find if you have 100% of the players listening to you. Which could be a bad thing in a fleet mission like this. You cant trust everyone so devs should keep an eye on this one.

Most players make the mistake of running into the large ones or dropping mines. PLEASE, if you cannot out run the Large Shards, just retreat to a safe distance until the people who can have them going in a circle.

Also please dont bring your Miranda

***Note for devs. You probably want to limit how many large shards and other shards can be out at one time. At one point 3 of us had about 30 shards following each of us and there were plenty more chasing those who did not know what to do. This causes major graphics lag for some and server stress. We could just run in circles for hours and collect about 1000 of these and god knows what will happen to the server :-p

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