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Ok, I thought I would repost this tip as most of the good stuff on the forums seems to have gone "poof" after beta.

For those who create multiple characters, its a logical assumption that your keybindings are global and will be carried from your last character to the new one. Well, nope, not in STO. There is, however a way to deal with the situation but it involves some slash commands.

Saving a key binding set from an existing character:
To save the binds for a character will involve you going to both GROUND and SPACE and executing a slash command in each place. I wish I knew of a global save but I don't so here is how to save the bindings of WHERE YOU ARE. Lets say you are on a space station (GROUND controlls). Hit ENTER to start a chat message and type (or copy/paste) the following:
/bind_save_file DefaultGround.txt

That will save a file in your STO directory with your character's current key bindings, in this case your character's ground bindings. Now, undock and when you get to space, again hit enter to start a chat and type (or copy/paste) the following:
/bind_save_file DefaultSpace.txt

As before, it saves a text file in your STO folder.

You now have both the ground and the space settings saved from your character.

Loading key bindings into a new character:
Yes, as you might imagine, the files you saved above can now be loaded into one or many characters after you create them. As before, you will need to load the current binding set based on the character's current location. Since you start out on a station, load the ground ones first with:
/bind_load_file DefaultGround.txt

Then during the first space flight in the training mission you can load your space binding set:
/bind_load_file DefaultSpace.txt

Closing Notes:
You can simply repeat the loading process for each new character you create. Also, the text file remains intact and in the STO folder even if you delete a character. So this means you have a backup of your bindings. You can also zip up your bindings and email them to friends to try out. They can easily save theirs and load yours to try. If they don't like them they can simply load theirs back in.

You can change the names of the text files in the load and save commands and you can include a drive and path if you don't want them directly in your STO folder. I simply used easy to remember generic names for the files in this post. You, however, can be as creative with the names as your OS will allow.

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