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07-03-2014, 09:45 AM
Originally Posted by clarelou1 View Post
who thinks we will get an update when theres a delay to maintainence being finished lol

Timing must have been impeccable for this post
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07-03-2014, 09:48 AM
Originally Posted by shevet View Post
"Weekly maintenance with no patch notes" = development effort hasn't been focused on the Holodeck server (we know that, because they're doing so much stuff on Tribble), and it's just going in for the computational equivalent of a tune-up and de-coke. There are any number of reasons why this might be taking a bit longer than usual, none of which Cryptic has any need to make public, most of which the user base wouldn't understand or care about if they did.

It's at an inconvenient time for some people - heck, it's not an ideal time for me, I'd far rather they did it twelve hours earlier, when I'm tucked up in bed asleep. But it's always going to be at an inconvenient time for somebody - that's unavoidable.

Personally, I'm kind of relieved that the game does get regular maintenance downtime. The alternative would be for the servers to stagger on, getting steadily slower and less stable, until the whole game goes down in a massive crash. Which would be a darn sight more inconvenient than the current system.

(Yes, yes, I know we live in a world where some online systems can have 24/7/365 availability and 99.999% uptime. Think about how much that costs, and what STO's revenue is like.)
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07-03-2014, 09:49 AM
Wow, the bile towards Cryptic.

While I disagree with some of their decisions (no true 3D, Romulan not being a true faction, etc), let's look at the history of Cryptic during the development and release of Star Trek

- Cryptic gets the Star Trek Online job with a shortened timeframe after another company coughs up blood
- Cryptic then rushes through the development as fast as they can, having to leave out vital things (KDF story, endgame, playable Romulans, etc) and with an ancient engine. A lot of this is later rationalized as "the way it was always meant to be"
- Cryptic subsequently burns through their money like it's water and has to sell themselves to Atari
- Atari clamps on like a vampire and sucks them dry of profit, staff, and anything other than basic maintenance and the idea to go F2P
- Atari sells them to a company (yes, PWE) known for "Asian grinder" style games

Not surprisingly, all of this means Cryptic has had less staff than they'd like and less freedom to concentrate on the game itself, rather than "stuff that makes money" (e.g., lockboxes, C-store ships, etc.) and grind mechanics (fleet, reputation, etc).

It's not like they set out to create an incomplete game (finally a lot closer to complete with more KDF content and a Romulan faction) or irritate people (bugs, rep trait nerf to combat power creep, getting rid of star clusters, too much pay stuff). Some of it is mandated by the mothership, some stuff is the legacy of having to rush development, and a lot of the rest is mandated by the F2P model.

Honestly, I think with the current ownership, the F2P model (and the "SELL MOAR STUFF" obsession that mandates), and the limited staff and outsourced coding, they're doing a lot better than I expected when I heard they were going from the Atari frying pan into the PWE fire.

Call me a stooge if you feel compelled (although a quick search of my posts will tell you otherwise), but if I was working for them, I'd be a lot less patient with all of this crap being aired on the forums than they've been.

That said, I know I won't convince anyone not to leave bile and aspersions strewn about, so carry on biting the devs that feed us. I'll be over here waiting for the server to come back up (which it may have while I was writing this).
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