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So am I!

I'm in the market for a Role-Playing Fleet that is going to aggressively attack the content and group up to do missions. Anyone up for it? If no one has one started, then I will start one, if I can find some cofounders. Let's put the ROLE-PLAYING back into MMORPG.

I had a couple of bites before they wiped the forums. Anyone still interested/looking?

Looking for primarily people available on the weekends, but I also can play Monday through Friday evenings.

Ultimate format that I'm looking for is a role-playing group that...

+ meets consistently, usually on the weekend, but also on weekdays
+ role-plays in canon friendly Trek
+ actually gets out and does things, not just sits around in Starbase talking

I don't want to get too formalized with "details" until I have someone to bounce ideas off of.

Anyone interested?

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