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We will be bringing down the Tribble server for maintenance to apply a new update: ST.42.20140629a.7

  • The "Odyssey Basics" and "Bortasqu' Basics" costume unlock options have been removed from the Fleet Tailor, as these costumes are now available free of charge to all players.
    • Two new Odyssey Uniform variants can now be purchased at the Fleet Tailor for Federation fleets that have unlocked it: Odyssey Tactical and Odyssey Dress.
      • Each of these new unlocks costs half as much as the previously available Odyssey Basics.
    • Three new Bortasqu' uniform variants can now be purchased at the Fleet Tailor for Klingon fleets that have unlocked it: Bortasqu' Ceremonial, Bortasqu' Guardian and Bortasqu' Operative.
      • Each of these new unlocks cost slightly less than one-third as much as the previously available Bortasqu' Basics.
      • Players that already owned the "Odyssey Basics" or "Bortasqu' Basics" costume unlock will be able to obtain the appropriate new costume unlocks for their faction free of charge.
    • Romulans may purchase Bridge-Officer Only versions of any of the above new Costume Unlocks for a lesser price.
      • These costumes can only be used on Bridge Officers from their ally's faction.
    • Added "Long Jacket" versions of both the Odyssey and Bortasqu’ uniforms to the 200-day Veteran Rewards.
    • Tactical Federation Bridge Officers now have access to the Odyssey uniform.
  • Resolved numerous issues causing some players to crash.
  • The Kestrel Runabout and the Scorpion fighter both now have the Singularity UI.
  • Male Borg Liberated captains now have a bare feet option when wearing the Risa Beachcomber outfit.
  • More gray color selections have been added to Liberated Borg feet options.
  • Female captains now have access to the Jem’Hadar hip pouch.
    • The Jem’Hadar ground costume set must be unlocked on the character first.
  • Resolved numerous issues which were causing body parts to become invisible when wearing some EV suits.
  • The issues with color linking between upper and lower pieces on the Romulan KDF costume have been resolved.
  • Resolved a few issues with Trill necklines which were causing necks to not match chests and allowing unrestricted colors for Chest and Hips.

  • Research and Development:
    • The Dilithium price of Mark 11 Components has been reduced from 5000 down to 1000.
      • These prices are still not final, pending ongoing economy work, but are closer to the final mark than the previous placeholder values were.
    • The Dilithium price of Mark 12 Components has been reduced from 15000 down to 5000
      • These prices are still not final, pending ongoing economy work, but are closer to the final mark than the previous placeholder values were.
    • Resolved an issue where Plasma Dual Beam Banks were not receiving mods when created.
    • The component "Field Generator" has been renamed to "Particle Field Generator".
    • New Titles are now unlocked every 5 levels.
    • Resolved an issue where pressing I to open the inventory was opening up the wrong tab in the inventory window.
    • "Schematic: Horta Mineralogy Research (Standard)" is now simply called "Horta Mineralogy Research".
      • This item is no longer used in crafting, but instead now starts a Duty Officer Assignment when used.
      • This Assignment will consume the schematic and a Horta Hatchling (along with some common crafting materials) and return a Horta Combat Pet.
      • This assignment has no chance of failure or critical success.
    • Moved the R&D tab to after the Assignments tab in the Duty Officers window.
    • Obtaining the "Jem'Hadar Nanoenergy Cell Recipes" from completing the mission "Second Wave" will now unlock 3 new recipes in the Ground School of the new R&D system, one for each of the Nanoenergy Cells.
      • Players that have already received this item will see the recipes automatically without needing to replay the mission.
      • These weapon enhancements require level 5 in the Ground R&D School before they can be crafted.
    • Space Energy Weapons of Blue or higher quality now have additional modifiers that can be rolled when creating them in the R+D system!
      • Similar modifiers will be coming to all item types soon.
    • Resolved an issue where Subprocessor Unit components could be made twice in the Science school and 0 times in the Shields school.
      • It now appears once in each school.
    • Slot requirements messages now uses the term “Level” instead of “Rank”.
    • Two titles have been added for participating in the prior incarnation of the crafting system:
      • "Dabbler", for having made anything at all in the previous system.
      • "Genius", for having reached 1500 General Research Skill.
    • Descriptions have been added to the top of the school pages.
    • Resolved an issue where Ground Weapon type selection displayed the School icon instead of the item icon.
    • Schools now stay in alphabetical order regardless of rank.
      • Rank now appears on the button for the school.
    • Numerous icons have been updated throughout the system.
    • Crafting item assignment potential outcomes are now updated when a new mark level is selected.
    • Resolved an issue where Skill Rating was having 1/3rd of the intended effect on success chances.
  • Duty Officers:
    • The Marauding Assignment "Break Into Memory Alpha's Computer Network" is now disabled, and will no longer appear in any availability lists.
      • Any players with this assignment in progress will find it completed immediately, and rewards have been altered to match "Raid on Research Facility."
    • The Outcomes UI is once again color coded to the correct state of success.
    • Add "View Details" button to R&D slots with tasks in them which takes the player to the assignment started view of a project.
  • Nanoenergy Cells now work with all Ground Weapons instead of only Jem'Hadar Ground Weapons.
  • Standardized the mechanics of Nanoenergy Cells
    • All stack to 100
    • None of them can be sold to vendors
    • All work with any ground weapons now, instead of only Jem'Hadar weaponry
    • Updated all descriptions to reflect updated functionality and unify wording among all variations.
  • The Hargh'Peng Torpedo Launcher has replaced the uncommon Photon Torpedo Launcher as the reward for the Klingon Mission "A House Pursued" since this item will no longer be craftable under the new R&D system.
    • Klingons may now obtain this item once they have played the mission (approx. level 16) or by replaying it at any level thereafter.
  • Soliton Wave Generator added to Dilithium Reclaim store.
    • You must own the Risian Luxury Yacht to access it.
  • Metaphasic Shield Array-S added to Dilithium Reclaim store.
    • You must own the Ferengi Na'Far Shuttle to access it.

Aegis Set:
  • Aegis Technologies Set:
    • All set pieces are now Mk XII instead of Leveless. This has the effect of making the bonuses fixed at a higher value than previously available, but they no longer scale.
    • All set pieces now require level 50 to equip.
  • Aegis Hyper-Impulse Engines:
    • The former 2-piece Set Bonus (Thoron Distortion Field) is now a base aspect of the Aegis Engines.
  • Aegis Deflector Array:
    • No specific changes
  • Aegis Covariant Shield Array:
    • Prevous skill bonuses have been replaced with direct increases to the stats they previously affected. This means increased Shield Power and Shield Capacity.
    • Added a [ResAll] Mod
    • The former 3-piece Set Bonus (Adaptive Shielding) is now a base aspect of the Aegis Shield.
  • Aegis Set Bonuses: (NEW!)
    • 2-Piece Set Bonus - "Energy Negation" : Passive. Once every 30 seconds, you will be immune to incoming damage for 0.2sec
    • 3-Piece Set Bonus - "Energy Feedback Conductor" : Toggle, 10sec Duration. +100 All Energy Resistance Rating, Reduce Shield Damage by 30%. Gain +2% Bonus Energy Damage each second if you are hit, for up to 10 seconds.

  • Numerous ships have been added to the ship costume creator:
    • Armitage, Thunderchild, Venture, Regent, Gladius, Sao Paulo, Exeter, Tempest, Rhode Island, Bellerophon, Aventine, Rademaker, Vesta, Avenger.
  • TOS Dress and Medical uniform have been added to the ground costume creator.
  • The display names have been updated for the Akira family of ships.
  • The interact for star cluster sector doors can now be used for Foundry missions.
    • Star Cluster maps still cannot be accessed.

Known Issues:
The new Crafting system is not in its final state.
  • UI for the Crafting system is still a work in progress.
  • Having a large surplus of Crafting skill does not remove Common as a possible outcome.
  • Opening the Duty Officer systems occasionally causes a crash.
  • Duty Officer Rewards are not displaying for Completed or assignments in the Log.
  • Not all required components are visible in the UI for each project.
New kit modules do not have their own search category in the Exchange.
Kits in your inventory cannot be equipped by double-clicking on them.
  • You can drag and drop slot them.

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