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01-30-2010, 12:21 PM

And we want YOU to join the ranks of honorable warriors found at |SoK|. Not looking for the same old Federation role players who ALWAYS play the part of Starfleet's finest? Tired of Humans, Vulcans, and those other puny races that will not embrace honor and fight glorious battles for their empire? Are you looking for a laid back group of friends that game nightly within a Klingon house system with Star Trek enthusiasts who love trivia, semi-competitive gaming opportunities, and forging lifelong friendships?

Then my Empire welcomes you with open arms.

I am Emperor Kahless, and I preside over the best group of gaming friends and Klingon enthusiasts in the Trek gaming world. We are veteran gamers who have played many titles and have a special love for those Trek games we all played for years. We are also currently active in Guild Wars, Call of Duty 4, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, and play weekly on Team Warfare League's 4v4 Hardcore HQ ladder in CoD4. We also maintain an active relationship with The Defenders of the North [EYE] in an active & full GW alliance which enhances our game experience.

Some other facts about |SoK|

* Loose structure modeled after the canon Klingon Empire (Emperor, High Council, Noble Houses)
* Ages 16+ welcome, but 18+ preferred
* PvP focused group with nightly engagements
*East and West Coast gamers...all time zones welcome.
* Veteran gamers who welcome all skill levels

If you're hungry for battle, look no further than Sword of Kahless. We are actively recruiting NOW so sign up on our website TODAY and become worthy of story and song!!

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