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Hi Guys,

Okay before i get flamed, (i'm wearing my flame proof coat).

I am life time subscriber, but im starting to consider if that was a mistake ?

The launch (Keep in mind the game is now retail with pre start) was less than stella witha number of issues from the head start bonus screw up to the server issues...that was yesterday...

Today has been less than stella again, with issues from increasing lagg to discconects to not being able to log in...agian these should not be happening ona retial product, (will admit that if a major content patch was being released then yes mabye)...

And to top this all off bugs that i personally reported in closed beta and open beta are still present (reported agian)...

So i persoanlly need a bit a reassurance from Cryptic and what the current problems are and the solutions and a time frame please ?


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