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The Captains Alliance is currently accepting applications for new members to join our team of players who have worked hard to create an environment filled with honor and respect even as it is mature and laid back.

After all ... having fun is what its all about!


"The Captains Alliance is a Fleet (or guild) for players seeking a mature yet casual game-play within the online universe of Star Trek Online.

We offer our players a loose structure that will allow them their choice of group or solo PvP or PvE playing options as well as a network where they can either participate in regularly scheduled fleet actions (missions/battles) or find other fleet members online who want to join them for spur-of-the-moment missions / battles.

Although our players primarily play from the standpoint of the Federation, many will also field ships / characters among the other factions in STO of which we will have resources available to assist them.

Ie. ... It does not matter if you are someone that can play only a few days a week or several hours every day, we want you to be able to play the game YOU want to play as you want to play it.

Here is some of what we are hoping for ..

1. For the members of our alliance to have fun within the Star Trek Online universe.
2. For our Fleet (and its website) to be a place of respect and fellowship.
** Ie. We are looking to be a safe haven for mature players.
3. To provide a network whereby our members can team up spur-of-the-moment with others who are also online as well as be able to participate in schedule fleet operations.
4. To create a Fleet environment where the player can play the game in a style that best fits how THEY want to play.
5. To offer a mixture of PvP and PvE playing opportunities.
6. To not force our players into fielding only one ship / character within the fleet.
7. To allow our members the opportunity to also field ships / characters from other factions for variety in game play.
8. To provide discussion forums and chat rooms to assist in coordinating and in teaming up for missions and game play with others within the fleet.
9. To provide a private Teamspeak server for use in providing in-game voice communications for player groupings working together while inside Star Trek Online.
10. To allow for combat instances, tournaments and WarGames to take place within our fleet for fun, recreation and honing skills.
11. To provide a simple rank structure based on a player's time with our fleet mixed with progress and deeds within the game / fleet in addition to recognizing administrative personnel working for the fleet.
12. To provide a structure where they can seek help, get advice and find tips to help with game-play.

Interesting in joining up? ... Register with our forums and submit your application within our recruitment forum on our community website!

*** Please note that we are giving players the option of naming a ship squadron to go with their primary (aka. squadron command) ship as players likely have the option of fielding more than one ship with their STO accounts. This way if you are logged in but playing with one of your secondary ships ... The ship remains a part of and is recognized by the Fleet.

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