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I generally enjoy making bio's/backstories for my characters to roleplay when playing MMORPG's and this one isn't any different. Of course in this one I can make bio's for all of my bridge crew as well. Realizing that unlike my captains bio which people might read by meeting me somewhere (and even then when the bio's don't glitch), the lives of my crew will never be known by anyone but me, and so I'm posting them for anyone that enjoys reading character bio's. Sadly I no longer have (or remember) the bio's of some of my older crewmembers that were replaced however most of those I replaced got parts of their bio integrated into that of the character that replaced them, usually at least the reason they got replaced. Also, I have listed the characters race as they show in-game and not how I roleplay them.

Donkyhotay - Alien Engineering Officer (Captain)

Although easily mistaken for a Vulcan, at least until you see his ears, Donkyhotay is actually an alien from the planet Laman'Cha located in the lesser megellanic cloud. His species is exploring the Milky Way and Donkyhotay's assigned area happens to include large sections of the Alpha and Beta quadrants. He has joined Starfleet because he determined it was the most efficient way of meeting new species and fulfill his mission. Due to how strange his native language is, universal translators often have difficulty with names from his homeworld. This occasionally frustrates him when people misinterpret his name or the name of his ship. His flagship, the U.S.S. Rose 'N Ant, is named after the ship he left home in and was lost in a kamakaze attack against a hostile race called the O'gur. He claims to have visited earth before Starfleet existed but that the stories of his adventures in space were completely misinterpreted by the humans of that time. He won't be able to remain in Starfleet long as he will soon need to leave to report home in another century or three.

Lurata'Klen - Jem'Hadar Tactical Officer

Chief Security officer of the U.S.S. Rose 'N Ant. He originally served under Kar'Ukan and was part of the assault force on Facility 4028. However for some reason when he encountered Donkyhotay, captain of the Rose 'N Ant, he declared him to be "a true founder" and the changelings "false founders" even though Donkyhotay has never shown any shapeshifting ability or connection to the founders. Refusing to part from Donkyhotay he was taken back to the ship and made a member of the crew. The ships science officer believes that Lurata'Klen has a slight genetic anomaly that makes him latch on to Donkyhotays unique alien structure more then the Changelings. Lurata'Klen is not very skilled at using technology but is a very fierce and loyal warrior and soon became chief security officer after the previous one, Elisa Flores, was promoted and given command of her own ship.

Nerur - Ferengi Engineering Officer

Chief engineer of the U.S.S. Rose 'N Ant. Nerur grew up on Ferenginar working in the family appliance repair business. Despite her talents doing repair, she doesn't have very good business skills and was badly cheated out of profits by her brother. When she eventually realized the situation she left Ferenginar to join Starfleet. She quickly became an extremely successful engineer and developed a trick to "overclock" the warp core to provide maximum energy output though this often interferes with auxillary systems. Her brother eventually became destitute as despite his business acumen he wasn't very good at repairs and his business fell apart without Nerur to do the actual work. Although she knows her skills and talents are valued in Starfleet she wishes she had better business acumen. Because of this she does occasionally set up different business ventures, sometimes of questionable legality for worlds that aren't Ferenginar, with varying levels of success.

Reed Lou Balmer - Breen Tactical Officer

Chief tactical officer of the U.S.S. Rose 'N Ant. Although people now mistake him for a Breen, Reed actually is a Human Starfleet officer. He was once the first officer and athough he appreciated the trust his captain had in him keeping the ship running while the captain was away, Reed disliked always having to stay behind on away missions. While in Defera space he requested to lead the away team while the captain remained behind. The captain agreed however the away mission ended in disaster with Reed captured by the Breen. The other members of the away mission managed to eventually rescue Reed but not before he had been brutally interrogated and inserted with a cortical implant. The implant was successfully removed back on the ship but the experience left Reed with brain damage. He now thinks that he is a Breen and will die of overheating if he doesn't wear a Breen refrigeration suit. He still has all of his old memories, including growing up on the human colony Beta VI, being raised by human parents, and attending Starfleet Academy. The ships counselor has tried working with Reed to convince him he really is human but the problem is physical and not truly mental. 'Doc' behaved like there is nothing wrong with Reed's brain, and the Doctors at Starfleet medical are stumped by how to treat him. Reed's belief is so strong that if forcibly removed from the suit he has psychosomatic reactions to the heat so it was decided to just allow him to wear it and let him believe what he thinks is true. Although he is completely loyal to the Federation, because of concerns with his mental state he was replaced as first officer and made tactical officer. Although he dislikes being demoted he does appreciate the fact he now regularly goes on away missions. Naturally, while on away missions he almost always uses Breen weaponry claiming that it is part of his "heritage".

Tehlat - Nausicaan Science Officer

Chief science officer of the U.S.S. Rose 'N Ant. Tehlat is surprisingly loyal to the Klingon Empire for a Nausicaan and even though he serves on a Starfleet vessel now is not afraid to point out the flaws in the Federation compared to the strength of the Empire to his shipmates. Despite this, Tehlat actually requested "Indefinite ambassadorial duty on a Federation ship". When interviewed by General Klag for the posting and asked why he wanted such a strange assignment he gave three reasons.
1. Orion women always end up mind controlling you with pheromones
2. You have to fight for the attention of Klingon women and someone usually ends up dead
3. When was the last time you saw any other female in the empire, especially a nausicaan one?
On hearing this Klag immediately approved Tehlats request and mumbled something about wishing he was eligible for ambassadorial duty too. Although Tehlats loyalty to the empire is such that he refuses to put on a Starfleet uniform, he performs his duties on the Rose 'N Ant perfectly even when those duties require him to fight against the Empire. After all, he almost always has a date every off-shift to the disbelief of every unattached man on board. He has been so effective at his duties that he also holds the position of second officer.

Zarva - Bolian Engineering Officer (discharged)

First officer of the U.S.S. Rose 'N Ant. Zarva has served aboard the Rose 'N Ant longer then anyone else currently serving on the ship. She started out as the first officer, then demoted to chief engineer, then reassigned to operations officer. She felt a little put out being replaced twice by officers who had not served on the ship as long as she had but after talking with the ships counselor for some time she came to realize that those who replaced her were better at their positions then she was, and she is much more effective at her station then anyone else on the ship. Her patience paid off when she was promoted back to first officer after Reed became incapable of performing his duties. She is eager for promotion however and hopes to eventually command her own starship one day.

Nineteen of Twenty-Four (Doc) - Liberated Borg Science Officer

Reserve science officer of the Rose 'N Ant. When the original chief medical officer, T'Vrell, was assimilated by the borg on an away mission, the crew vowed to liberate her. They captured Nineteen of Twenty-Four from a borg probe to study in order to increase their chances of successfully saving her. Despite this the liberation was a disaster. When T'Vrell, who was originally a Vulcan, was disconnected from the collective she declared that the Borg were the epitome of logic and that it was only logical for all to be assimilated. Security teams eventually managed to put her down but not before infecting the entire medical staff with nanites and corrupting the EMH's program. In desperation the Engineering crew reprogrammed Nineteen of Twenty-Fours hardware with the remnants of the EMH program in the hopes that through him they might be able to at least talk to the EMH. The EMH program was too corrupt and the EMH's persona never surfaced but Nineteen of Twenty-Fours directive developed a bug and he ended up curing the medical staff on his own. Worried about liberating another drone so soon after the fiasco last time, the engineering crew simply blocked the collective from knowing what Nineteen of Twenty-Four was doing but kept him otherwise connected. Although his bedside manner was worse then an EMH Mk 1 his cures were so quick and effective he was soon given the nickname "Doc" and made chief medical officer even though he was never actually liberated and still part of the collective. After some time he partially assimilated an Undine, integrating it's technology into his natural borg weapons. This caused him to glitch further and lose his inclination to heal. Now the crew brings him on away missions as his built in scanners and weapons make him useful as a portable science station and guard when off ship. Everyone still calls him "Doc" even though he isn't a medic anymore.

Syirequay - Alien Tactical Officer (discharged)

Reserve tactical officer of the U.S.S. Rose 'N Ant. Syirequay is a Kadeeshan. Kadeesha is a world located on the far side of the old Romulan empire before the Hobus supernova. Although not a large power in the galaxy the Kadeesha were trading partners with many races including the Romulans. Before Hobus they had no dealings with the Federation or Klingons due to the fact they never traveled past Romulan territory in order to avoid offending the Romulans. When Romulas was destroyed their world fell into an economic crisis due to the loss of a major trading partner and the cost of helping so many Romulan and Reman refugees that ended up on their world. In order to improve their situation the leaders of the Kadeeshan Hegemony faked an attack by the Pinkna Kingdom as an exscuse to go to war with them. The Kadeesha easily destroyed the Pinkna fleet guarding the homeworld looted the planet, then occupied it. About a year after conquering Pinkna the Kadeesha found out that the "fleet" they had destroyed was actually just a small reserve force when the real Pinkna fleet returned home. The Pinkna had been fighting against the Borg who had taken over an entire sector near their space and the real fleet had successfully eliminated them from that sector. When they returned home and found what had happened they swore revenge on the Kadeesha. Being much larger and more battle hardened, the Pinkna armada obliterated every Kadeeshan ship they could find and sterilized the Kadeeshan homeworld. Syirequay's pod group were on a freighter at the time which managed to escape to Romulan space. There it was attacked by pirates damaging the ship and killing most of the pod group. The ship limped it's way to a Federation planet before the warp drive gave out completely. They were graciously taken in as refugees and made their home there. Being the last living Warnaak of her pod group Syirequay joined Starfleet to pay the "debt" it feels it owes the Federation for the care and safety provided to the pod groups surviving Drones, Aqueens and their eggs after the destruction of their ship.

Nelen Exil - Voth Science Officer

Chief Medical Officer of the U.S.S. Rose 'N Ant. A Voth scientist who defected to the Federation. Although originally an archeologist with little knowledge of physiology he wanted to be useful to the crew and so volunteered to help in the sick bay after 'Doc' glitched. The crew have since accepted him in the role of Chief Medical Officer and feel he does a decent job, not as good as 'Doc' was before his glitch, but good enough and with a much better bedside manner. He is sometimes embarressed when thanked for his help since he actually has no clue about medicine and for every problem he encounters he just enters the symptoms into his padd and follows the instructions it provides. So far this has worked for him just fine and he is slowly starting to pick things up on his own. The only real problem he has had as Medical Officer was the first time a Human crewmember who was pregnant came in and he learned the hard way about certain anatomical differences between Saurian and Mammalian based species. Although tolerant for a Voth, he does sometimes struggle with accepting mammals as equals. He has never let this show openly but he is more likely to spend time with the Saurian members of the crew then others and considers Syirequay to be his best friend on the ship. He was saddened when he found out she left without even saying goodbye.

Lynna Marilou Lafallotte - Human Engineering Officer

First Officer of the U.S.S. Rose 'N Ant. Lynna is actually from the Terran Empire. The Lynna from this universe was assigned to the U.S.S. Omitkiv after graduating from Starfleet Academy. The Omitkiv's first assignment after prime Lynna was assigned to it was to investigate an anomaly that turned out to be a portal to the mirror universe. The Omitkiv accidentally fell through where it encountered it's mirror counterpart, the I.S.S. Otsidrum. The Omitkiv was quickly destroyed with most of the crew captured. The Omitkiv crew came up with an escape plan however the prime Lynna, who was a selfish devious person, secretely told their captors of the escape plan and they were ambushed shortly after getting out of their cells. During the confusion of the ambush the prime Lynna snuck away and the mirror Lynna was mistaken for her prime counterpart by the rest of the crew. Being a caring and honorable person mirror Lynna assisted the crew of the Omitkiv and helped them escape back to the prime universe. Realizing quickly that she fit in much better with the Federation then with the Terran Empire she took prime Lynna's place. No one has ever discovered her swap and she is secretly scared that some day someone will discover the change and think she is a spy. She is honestly loyal to the Federation however and wishes to see the Terran Empire fall for the good of all races in that universe.

Naytpad Klaz - Betazoid Engineering Officer

Operations Officer of the U.S.S. Rose 'N Ant. After Starfleet Acadamy Naytpad was assigned to Utopia Planitia. Although a decent engineer, he excelled at management and was quickly promoted and put in charge of the construction of the U.S.S. Rose 'N Ant - F. When the ship was mostly completed it was put under the command of Admiral Donkyhotay. Naytpad was ordered to remain with the ship to oversee it's performance and help finalize the changes. Donkyhotay was impressed with Naytpads ability to organize and encourage productivity Having recently lost his last Operations Officer, Zarva, he requested Naytpad be permanently assigned to the ship as Operations Officer.
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Here are the bio's for my other characters. I rarely play them so have not made bio's for their bridge officers.

Tharo - Alien Science Officer

Tharo comes from a minor planet that was recently conquered by the Klingon empire. Not being a warrior race, very few members of his species survived the subjucation and those that did were enslaved. As a slave he was assigned tasks that were not "honorable" enough for the klingon warriors such as medic, repair technician, and researcher. Some time ago Tharo's owner, captain of a b'rel bird of play called the Ha'plo, was involved in a rescue operation of a battle cruiser commanded by a member of the High Council. The battle cruiser was damaged and a warp core breach was imminent. Tharo's owner ordered the Ha'plo to move away from the cruiser to prevent damage to his ship. Tharo, without permission from his owner, beamed himself over to the cuiser and managed to prevent the destruction of the ship. Afterwards, Tharo's owner was executed for cowardice and Tharo was given command of the Ha'plo for showing honor and bravery. Despite his beginnings as a slave, he is loyal to the empire and continues to do the jobs most Klingons would never consider doing because they aren't honorable enough. This has resulted in giving Tharo a reputation of someone who gets things done and resulted in a rapid rise to his current rank of lieutenant general. As he was promoted he was assigned to new ships until given command of the Hov'Yod which his flagship. After reaching his current rank he noticed the Ha'plo rotting away in a scrapyard. Being a little sentimental about his first command he used his rank to have it recommissioned and upgraded with the latest technology. He frequently takes personal command of the Ha'plo for missions that require more stealth and speed then his flagship can provide.

Nirok - Romulan Tactical Officer

Nirok was genetically engineered by the P'thaki, a race located in a section of the gamma quadrant very distant from the wormhole. Fearing the Dominion they used changeling DNA to build Nirok with the ability to shapeshift and join the great link n order to spy on the founders. Nirok accomplished his mission so well that the founders sent him to investigate the Undine not knowing what he really was. Knowing he couldn't disobey the Founders without blowing his cover, he obeyed their orders and was so successfull at pretending to be an Undine that the Undine further ordered him to infiltrate Starfleet. Pretending to be a Vulcan he studied combat with the lirpa to complete his disguise before attempting to join Starfleet. Near the end of his training on Vulcan section 31 was impressed enough by his combat prowess that, thinking he was a real Vulcan, promised him a guaranteed comission in Starfleet if he would go on an undercover mission for them to infiltrate the Tal Shiar. Not really wanting to waste years at the academy Nirok agreed. Quickly becming one of the Tal Shiar's best agents he was ordered by his commander to pretend to join the Romulan Republic in order to spy on them. As part of the Romulan Republic he is attached to Starfleet and regularly reports on their doings to D'Tan. Despite all this he has never raised any suspicion by any of the groups he has "joined", however he has so many covers and identities now even he is having trouble keeping track of them.
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OOC: had to discharge a BOFF, rather then updating the bio I figured including the story behind the discharge would work better

Donkyhotay looked up in surprise when he heard the door chime. The ship was practically deserted and had been for almost month now while the crew was enjoying the festivities on Risa. Only the bare minimum required to keep the ship safe in it's orbit of the planet remained and even they were rotated out frequently. After the extended campaign the Rose 'N Ant had been fighting against the Undine in the Solanae dyson sphere they deserved it. Donkyhotay himself had been spending his time off flying around in a jetpack. He'd be doing it still if it weren't for the fact Starfleet was finishing construction on the Rose 'N Ant - F and he needed to sort out the duty rosters for it before it was done. He suspected he would probably keep the Rose 'N Ant - E as his flagship, as an admiral he could do that, but that made it twice as hard to work out the duty roster. The door chimed again.

"Enter" he said.

He was surprised to see Syirequay come in. She was one of the newer officers on board, assigned during the recent Undine campaign. She came up to the desk and stood at attention, Donkyhotay didn't bother to tell her at ease, she wouldn't do it. Syirequay was almost as bad as a Jem'Hadar when it came to military discipline.

"Sir, I am tendering my resignation to Starfleet" She announced handing over a padd. "Here are my papers."

This was the last thing Donkyhotay expected of her. Although a recent addition to his crew, she had served in Starfleet almost 20 years on many different ships. Her file showed a history of excellent service and dedication. He expected her to eventually gain her own command soon.

"Of course," he said reviewing the request "May I ask why?"

"My Aqueens say they need me back. I am leaving on the next transport to Starbase 39 where I will meet the rest of my pod group."

Donkyhotay knew that the "Aqueens" were the leaders of Syirequays "pod group". He hadn't totally figured out how her species relationships worked, most of the time she described her pod group it sounded like a Bajoran family, at other times though it sounded like a kingdom. The truth was probably somewhere in the middle but he knew enough to know that a command from the Aqueens was absolute. He hated to lose her though, she was a dead shot with ship beam weapons, best he'd seen. While her skills were wasted on the Rose 'N Ant - E, the ships weapons power system wasn't strong enough, he had been planning on using her on the new Rose 'N Ant - F which had a more robust system.

"If you just need a little time off while you help your pod group I can grant it, you don't have to resign" he said.

"The Aqueens plan to return to Kadeeshan space and search for more of our race. As their oldest and most experienced Warnaak I will be indispensable to them in this."

Donkyhotay nodded silently to himself. He knew that Syirequay and her entire pod group were refugees from beyond the old Romulan Star Empire but he didn't know the details. He had been under the impression that she had been the pod groups only surviving Warnaak though, whatever a Warnaak was.

"We will not return, if we find others Kadeeshan we will start our lives anew with them, and if we don't..." Syirequay paused for a second, Donkyhotay had never before seen her hesitate while talking "Then at least the Federation archives will maintain a record of what they know about the Kadeeshan after we are extinct."

Donkyhotay looked into her eyes and knew he couldn't talk her out of it. She was not expecting to find more Kadeeshan, she was expecting to be instantly killed by what had chased them away in the first place. It was times like this he hated even the small amount of telepathy his race possessed. He looked down at the padd with Syirequays resignation on it. He couldn't stop someone from resigning, but he could interfere with it and possibly postpone her return home almost indefinitely. Maybe without their Warnaak Syirequays pod group would rethink their decision to return home. Maybe the Kadeeshan could make a permanent home here in the Federation and avoid extinction?

"How can one padd be so heavy?" he thought to himself.

"Admiral please, this is what I want" Syirequay said

And it was what she truly wanted. He could sense her determination and desire to obey her Aqueens even if it meant the destruction of her species. He suspected Syirequays apparent dedication to Starfleet was only because the Aqueens had ordered it. They didn't deserve such loyalty.

Before he could second guess himself again Donkyhotay put his authorization into the padd making the resignation official, he felt like he'd just signed an execution.

"Thank you Sir" Syirequay said saluting smartly.

Donkyhotay slowly stood up and saluted as well. He was not returning her salute, he was saluting her. He remained that way for some time after she left his ready room.
Do not be afraid to joust a giant just because some people insist on believing in windmills.

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OOC: discharged another BOFF and have updated the bio's.

Donkyhotay sat back in his command chair trying to get comfortable. No matter what he did it was uncomfortable to sit in. His crew was making the inaugural test flight of the U.S.S. Rose 'N Ant - F. Many systems still weren't finished and wouldn't be for some time however the main superstructure was complete and capable of warp travel. This was just a trip from Mars to Andoria and back, far enough to allow the construction teams to take readings that will help them finish the ship. It also gave Donkyhotay the opportunity to gauge his new officers. Zarva, his previous first officer, had finally received that command of her own she had been wanting for years. He was a little sad to see her go, she had been the last crewmember onboard that had served under him on the first Rose 'N Ant. He wondered briefly what had happened to that ship. Probably recycled for resources he guessed. His new first officer, Lynna, was an unknown to him. Her service record showed some discipline problems while at the academy but a history of exemplary performance after that. He had tried to get to know her better but she kept to herself and seemed cautious about making friends. Thinking about his crew working together and making friends Donkyhotay thought about Nelen Exil. He had taken Syirequays resignation hard. Maybe he should talk to one of the ships counselors about it. He wanted his crew to be able to work well together. The Rose 'N Ant was the crews home for long periods of time and despite it's size you couldn't exactly walk away from someone you had bad feelings with. Fortunately his new Operations officer was very easy to get along with. Of course as a Betazoid it was easy for Naytpad to get people to like him but Donkyhotay had met Betazoids that preferred mental silence. The more he got to know him the more Donkyhotay felt he made the right decision requesting Naytpad be assigned to his crew. Donkyhotay shifted again in his chair. There was nothing to be done about it, this chair was going to have to be replaced.
Do not be afraid to joust a giant just because some people insist on believing in windmills.

Check out my foundry mission "The Writers of History".

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