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# 1 Dev Posts?
01-30-2010, 12:46 PM
There was a thread on another forum about the servers being down that was marked as a Dev Post. It was an 18 page thread (and growing) and I couldn't find any sign of a post by STO staff. Do Dev's not normally post at the beginning of a thread on the STO forums if it's marked as a Dev Post? It's kind of a hassle to search through 18+ pages to see what STO has to tell us.

Also is there a special color that the Dev Posts will appear in when STO staff posts info in the middle of a thread? I know in WoW the devs posts show up as blue and some site moderators (non-staff apparently) show up as green. This would be a big help to have in STO so we can find important things in a long thread.

And is there some type of Server Forum that is open only to the Dev's to post? Where the Dev's post when the login or game server is down and when everything is back up? A way we don't need to keep posting because we aren't sure if staff knows about it.

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