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i'm asking due to my location on this blue/green sphere we call earth.

will the regular maint times be during european peak times?

18:00-23:00 gmt.

if so are you aware of the huge player base you will lose as we work/sleep have a life during the other hours of the day in this not so sunny part of the world.

can you at the very least let the players know so we know just exactly how much time we have already wasted on a game we won't be able to play during our time off from work.

also i don't mean any emergency maint that is taking place i mean the regular maint that will take place and how often this will be.

the only solution and it's one i think should be done for various reasons is put up eu servers.

the other reason for opening eu servers is the culture difference between europe and america while we may share something in common like food.....umm thats about it language is not the same even if your british values and standards are very different in europe from america and topics such as guns and religion are so insanly different in europe that eu servers should have been put up anyway.

so put servers in europe simple.

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