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07-06-2014, 04:14 PM
Originally Posted by cryptkeeper0 View Post
I know they are, but they should be buy able on exchange for EC. So I'm not as concerned.

I've done plenty of crafting with a certain amount of chances and they all were good systems. But i do agree they need limit the amount of chance.
personally I prefer to see them completely eliminate it. even at an increased cost to crafting if i chose to do so. though not if that increased cost is based in real money. in the end someone buys it from C-Store for real money even if i buy them from the exchange for EC.

I would rather see a system that say rolls random is I don't set any specification but allows me to do at an increased cost of components. so If I specify noting more than Item type and MK I get a random roll just as now. but if I set the rarity the cost of components needed to craft in creases the higher the rarity the more the increase.
that's just where it starts. now that you know it's not a white item you also know exactly how many modifiers the item will have. you could leave those to be randomized or again invest more components to per modifiers to set those to specification.

I am fully Ok if this also means using up to 5 Doffs in crafting instead of just the one we do now. so a green Doff cannot oversee a project that crates a blue or better item. so that alone makes the quality you receive semi-random. to crate a purple you need a purple Doff and for each modifier you desire to set a blue or better doff of an appropriate specialization needs to be added to the project. now this will create a much more subtle push to buy Doff packs and roster increases from C-Store. that way cryptic will still make money i am not a against that. I rather spend it for connivance on my own terms than being forced into it to craft just one item.

the special items can crit roll to ultraviolet if we can use these catalyst to make that crit 100% it's pure PAY TO WIN. (even if it's not 100% but still an increased chance this applies.) pay to win is never fun! now I realize that the C-store ships are somewhat statistically better than regular ones and often provides a unique console. now that's just a small increase from the ship and 1/10 of all consoles that are equipped (at max level). I am still ok whit that. there are still 6 or 8 more weapons, deflectors, shields, warp/singularity cores, engines, possibly hangars and 9 other console slots unaffected. that still leaves 19 to 23 items unaffected. if you push this though in crafting pay to win will forever affect all these other slots. That's just space game crafting also crates items for the ground game that's up to now unaffected by pay to win.
First of all it's not even a crafting system! It's just a dumb game system that's nothing more than a glorified slots machine.
second the "special items" you hope will be the saving the saving grace are messed up to.

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