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01-30-2010, 01:25 PM
Originally Posted by Tigorius
e free headstart and then they don't let you in, then they have a breach of their advertising agreement! But nowhere did they give you a guarantee that there would be no problems.
Which is why I am personally not upset, however it bothers me even more when I see people on these forums who are such dedicated fans that they chastise the people who do not feel they are getting all that they paid for, because in blunt reality, they are not.

It's the same as back before this weekend, almost any time someone posted a complaint about the game, they were met with a page full of "its beta!" replies. No crap its beta. That's the BEST time to complain about anything and everything, because its most likely time for things to be changed and fixed.

In all reality though, it could be worse. Star Wars Galaxies was basically a paid beta after release, they were fixing and upgrading and changing things for months after people started actually paying their monthly fees.

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