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Is it just me or do the female BOs in the game look just dreadfully tired, even with their make up on? They all seem to have bags under their eyes and their make up looks terrible in my opinion.

I'd like to see more facial options for complexion and make up than what we've got so far. I may be a guy, but I like making my BOs beautiful, voluptuous, talented women. I take pride in the fact that they are all hot and very effective at both space and ground combat. I just wish they didn't look so tired and had more make up choices than just two! And those two make up choices look horrible in my opinion.

Oh yes, and hair. Come on guys, let's get some more long hair available to pick. There's tons of G.I. Jane hair availabe and tons of stupid looking hair, but only one "long" Joleen Blaylock looking style. I'm a long hair guy. Let's have some waist length hair with some bounce and body to it. That would be fun. Not particle in combat or the engine room, but hey, it's still a game.

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