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# 1 Please please please....
01-30-2010, 01:48 PM
put off release and get more servers going.

I love the feelings behind everyone playing together or being able to but....there is a reason there are seperate game "worlds" usually region and time zone specific on so many other MMO's.

Be different where it counts not where it makes things mucky.

Let the folks who want to play together from around the world do so but please get some game worlds with population caps. Maybe even later you could then control Klingon chharacter creation to balance the populations for pvp later on.

Or not...*shrug* I am bored atm before we take the kids out bowling.

P.S. crafting please. I like standing in one placce for hours on end banging my hammer especially if there is a chance for a unique item not just the same item every time.

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