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Originally Posted by redvenge View Post
Will the Nanoenergy cells/crystals purchased from the Lobi Store also be usable on any weapon? Does this change include melee weapons?
The idea of all DEWs being able to make use of them does make sense from a lore standpoint (read: Starfleet and KDF armorers saw the benefits and asked 'why shouldn't we get in on that?').

To address those in reverse order: I could see the nanoenergy cells working on the EMWs (such as the bat'leths and lirpas from Q's Winder Wonderland), but not the 'normal' sort (which latter category would include the Tholian crystalline blades and Ferengi energy whip). And I remain convinced that the various consumables in the lobi store have no business being there in the first place (for example, the web grenades and rad crystals should be purchasable from the Nukara store).

Originally Posted by arrmateys View Post
i have a crazy idea. what if the current crafting way was free, but to get rid of random mods and rarity you'd have to pay dilithium?
Alternatively, as I have suggested elsewhere, why not move to plug-and-play mods, as we already have with ship consoles (and now kits)?
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The new Outfits are nice, though there are some issues with the Bortasqu Warrior Uniform. (Can't tell if these issues also exist with the other variants, as I haven't found a KDF fleet, yet.)
The shoulder pads are oversized and hover above the shoulders - visibly.
Female chars tend to have issues with the belt. It either is oversized and hovers around the waist area like an antigrav-hoolahoop or cuts into the waist like it's about two sizes too small. This is an old problem, though, already mentioned in Havelock's Tailor and Costume Issues.

Originally Posted by shadowfirefly00 View Post
Alternatively, as I have suggested elsewhere, why not move to plug-and-play mods, as we already have with ship consoles (and now kits)?
Interesting concept.
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Just add a fix to the Fleet B'rel not having access to the c-store B'Rotlh parts and I'll be all set, thanks.
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I can't honestly tell what was fixed for the Trill. There are still huge gaps where there are no spots on the neck and ankles. Please fix this and soon! Joined Trill are a premium race that are a Z-Store purchase. These should be a bit higher on the list of things to fix for that very reason.
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