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I had a lot of fun last night... did KvK ground combat battles for an hour. A couple of players were just phenomenal... or at least the build.

From my experience, melee is useless to feat for... no matter how honorable your ugly arse Klingon is. I feated for ground combat on my Klingon character, melee. Root and Hold resistance, you know. Well, I could tell absolutely zero difference. My poor fat, slow, sword wielding Klingon in PVP would just get held, come free, then get rooted, come free then get KD, come free then die.

Then there was this little alien build engineer guy who was feated out to do all those things to me one after the other. Funny thing was, after getting held a few times I would get the hold immunity thing flash up... didn't matter. I would still get held all over again.

It would have been fun to play a melee class Klingon. But I did the smart thing -- re.rolled. At least until the game gets a little balance. Given the gimpy nature of tactical officers in ground combat, I just don't see the appeal for being anything other than a root / hold / KD player.

Who needs damage when your opponent won't get a shot off anyway?
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01-30-2010, 01:40 PM
Tactical officers are far from gimpy in ground combat. Stealth combined with the highest damage out of all classes makes them nasty to deal with. I played one during the open beta and would be top in kills and damage by far in most matches, the only time i'd have to fight for that top spot was if i was teamed with Imell who is also tactical.

The class starts out kinda average, but you get stealth at tier 2 (via kit) and as you progress through the ranks you get all manner of buffs and debuffs, the ambush buff alone ends up almost +100% damage for 10 seconds. Some people went down the tank route with them but they never really did very well, played as a high damage hit and run you will dominate ground on them, engineers and sci for all everyone hates them aren't a problem to take down as tac. Use 2 x split beam rifles, almost identical damage to the sniper but hits 3 targets and doesn't root you while firing like the sniper does.
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01-30-2010, 01:52 PM
That's good to know that it isn't the tactics tree itself, but rather me trying to play it as a melee fighter. Still, I hope they balance out melee -- after all, a Klingon would be caught dead gimping his opponent in the back. So dishonorable.
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01-30-2010, 02:02 PM
Bat'leth melee isn't terrible but right now it's kind of pointless.

If you close to melee range you're almost always better off spamming the rifle melee attack and waiting for it to expose the person, then shoot them.

If you do insist on the bat'leth, you should know two things:
a) Only use it 1 on 1 or if the enemy is outnumbered.

b) Bat'leths have "combos". left-left-right does a big hit and left-right-left does a series of fast hits (reversible, so right-right-left and right-left-right also seems to work). If there are more combos, I dunno what they are.

Bat'leths ignore shields and damage health directly which can be handy.

Honestly though, you're better off just shooting them.
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# 5 ground missions
01-30-2010, 02:13 PM
unlike federation ground missions, I have yet to get my away team as a Klingon. I may be missing getting the right missions, but all I have seen is ground pvp and space pve only. I have selected my away team orientation and yet seem to be missing out on using my team.

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