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01-30-2010, 02:22 PM
I see a lot of posts where people are fleet Admirals and this game isn't officially released yet. I am not really interested in joining groups where people haven't earned their rank yet. This is what I am proposing:

Your rank earns the respect. Just because I am putting this fleet together doesn't mean I am your leader. If you outrank me I show respect to your rank. All it means is as a group if we need a final say, that is where I come in. Other than that, What rank you are in game, is the rank you are in the fleet. Our orders come directly from the quest givers in game.
As a group, we will help each other out, share resources to get everyone top level and ready for action. Your ship belongs to you and I cannot tell you what to do with it. The only thing I ask is our fleet comes first and everyone else after.
I will procure a ventrilo or teamspeak for the fleet. I love ground and space PvP, and ground PVE.
If you are a hardcore PVPer welcome. If you are a hardcore PVEer welcome. I am not much into RP but you are welcomed too.
If you are interested in joining Starfleet Central Command ( SFCC) Please let me know. Be great to have a good group to game with.
In game name is: BlackMagnum

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