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# 1 Sinister Swarm is recrueting
01-30-2010, 02:23 PM
The Sinister Swarm [SIN]
is recruiting For both Star Fleet and Klingon Factions
Please send tell in Game or on forums if you are interested
We are a PvP focused Raid guild that desires mature like minded gamers for our community.

Sinister Swarm is Recruting,
The Sinister Swarm is a Community guild that has been around sense the beginnings of EQ1 and crossed multiple platforms.
We are a Pvp/ community centered “Fleet” /guild that has been recognized by ten ton hammer for our accomplishments in war hammer online.

Sinister Swarm STO Charter

In the Beginning the dreaded shadow of the Sinister Swarm was unleashed upon Mythic Entertainment's Dark Age of Camelot. After dominating ****, all the while retaining the record for being the largest Midgard guild on the Bors server for years, the Sinister Swarm now spreads their wings over the lands of Star Trek online!
We the Swarm have decided to Shuck off our lawfully evil personas and join with Star Fleet that is until we decide that doing so makes our skin crawl.
The Swarm believes in allegiance and honor. We enforce those tenets without mercy or pity. We maintain a structured Hive that exalts Swarmers who tirelessly slay our enemies and faithfully follow our laws. As with any Hive, communication and teamwork is a requirement . Swarmers are expected to participate on our ventrilo server and guild forums. Those that chose isolation over contributing to the Hive will be ejected.

In the Swarm, you will find the word "guild" is too small to describe our community. We have chapters in EQ, ****, GW, TF2, ***, WAR, and more to come! Our strong leaders do not tolerate immaturity, disrespect, or drama. Despite the dark and merciless nature of their STO persona, you’ll find Swarmers are some of the coolest people you’ll ever want to meet. We diligently work on acquiring the coolest people across all gaming platforms, where each member is someone you’d want to hang out with (and often do) in real life.
If you feel you are ready to get the most of your gaming experience, and join a group of gamers that will soon feel more like a family, then you are ready to enter the SWARM!

Please if you would like more information or to apply contact us at

or here on the fourms
our in our vent just please put sto in your coments
Vent: port 5268 pw Honor

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