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Last Line Of Defence is a Mature Multi-Gaming group that has been around since May 2003. We are a mostly EU timezone group with the odd US member lurking around the shadows.

Our first game was Planetside (the only MMOFPS) which was produced by sony.

Since then we have been active in other MMO's such as EvE Online, **** and Lord Of The Rings Online as well as other games such as Battlefield 2142.

We have now moved into Star Trek Online and are looking to increase our ranks in what is now our new home. For years we have been a very tight knit group but have realised that ST:O holds much potential for group warfare and cooperative gameplay.

With that being the case we have elected to open up recruitment to all likeminded players who want a mature and organised fleet where we can work together to conquer all in ST:O

For more information and to get in tough with the rest of our playerbase head over to and register on o ur forums. Here you will find a list of our game names if you wish to contact any of us to find out more.

I look forward to meeting all who feel this is the place for them.

Fly Safe.

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