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Originally Posted by psychoplatt View Post
Just match the squad leaders Level before entereng the Mission and u will fight on his Level.
I am pretty sure the system disallows that to prevent people from teaming with lv50's that would simply steamroll everything.

Scaling up doesnt work because your dont gain extra BO abilities and you pretty much fighting enemies while being gimped since you dont actually became higher level, you might get some scale up on HP but your gear remains the same.

Now with Captain-Admiral teaming this isnt much of a issue since there isnt much difference of gear-abilities, it will be harder but not that harder, problem comes when level difference becomes too severe, the lower leveled would start to lack abilities to deal with enemies effectively and thus being dead weight and the higher leveled would have to deal with extra enemies, in ground this would be even more problematic since you would have half a team and be fully expected to clear the map.
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07-10-2014, 10:27 AM
To help a Starfleet friend you simply have to follow them. You can't play their missions nor can you share missions with Romulans, you can only enter the Team leader's locations for missions.

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07-10-2014, 11:54 AM
If you're helping someone level, make them leader and match their level. If they can't share the mission, just have them tell you which system to go to and follow them in, as nakedsnake001 says.
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Originally Posted by orondis View Post
What we'll end up with is no intermediary between easy and hard difficulty, just super easy, easy and hard.
And the saddest thing is it won't stop the complaints.

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